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CQI Projects

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CQI Activity Form

CSCC improvement projects come in all shapes and sizes. But the bottom line is that quality is what we strive for every day. Here's the form you can use to tell us about your special project.  

In-Service Day Projects

Spring In-Service Day once again featured a call for CQI projects. Below are thirteen improvement efforts that are currently underway.

•  The Learning Object Project - sponsored by Business Programs: John Eldridge, team leader.
The Learning Object project will give business students a new way to engage course concepts through the innovative use of media and graphics. The project concludes Summer Semester 2014.

•  BLUEprint Student Success Workshops - sponsored by Advising Services: Sheri Harrington, team leader.grad faces
With a Student Success Innovation Fund Grant, the BLUEprint program will expand its services.  Plans include interactive web workshops, more in-person workshops during evening and weekend hours, and the development of a 'best practice' model.  

• College Completion Coaches - sponsored by Advising Services and Developmental Education: Jan Rogers and Marisa Vernon, team leaders. 
This project takes aim at students in six sections of COLS 1100 and 1101 who received FOCUS Early Alerts. Two coaches will provide a minimum of three coaching sessions to each student along with other hands-on help. Data metrics will be examined longitudinally in consultation with the IR office team.  

• Phase II: Connect2Complete Peer Advocate Program - sponsored by Advising Services: Marisa Vernon, team leader.  
Peer Advocates provide a helping hand to fellow students in many ways including scholarship applications, Ohio Benefits Bank assistance, general student services' referrals, COLS 1100/1101 assignments and SEAL opportunities. TutorTrac will monitor student persistence, completion and civic engagement outcomes.  

Connections - sponsored by Advising Services: Beth Stanley, team leader.  
Connections is an electronic newsletter for students which covers all the breaking news in Advising Services, Records and Registration, Financial Aid, TRIO, Disability Services and Career Services. New issues are updated at the beginning of each semester.  

•  Graduation Initiatives Team - sponsored by Advising Services: team leaders include Marisa Vernon, Janet McDermott, Stacie Odhner-Sibley, Holly Green, Lorrie Ritchey, Allen Parsons, Cassi Stewart and Stephanie Pfeifer. 
Building new student institutional loyalty and goal completion are the aims of this project. The team will promote timely submission of Petition to Graduate forms, long-term completion advising, a Graduation Fair and a milestone recognition program.  

•  Math Advising - department sponsors include Mathematics, Arts & Sciences, Advising Services and the Telephone Information Center: Sue Judd, team leader.
Math Advising will streamline the process for students requesting a review of their math transfer credit for the purpose of fulfilling a CSCC prerequisite or completing a CSCC math degree requirement.  Without this process, students can end up taking the COMPASS math test unnecessarily and taking additional math courses they may not need.  

•  Registration Workshop - sponsored by Advising Services and the Student Assistance Center: Marisa Vernon and Marcy Leeds, team leaders.  
In lieu of a formal orientation program, daily advising sessions were created to address the needs of new students who were not always familiar with the college process. Topics covered are placement scoring, majors and programs, time management and course selection,  

•   Report Advising Training - sponsored by Advising Services: Mary Whitt, team leader.  
The goal of this project is to achieve continuous quality training of new and current staff in Advising Services on policies, procedures, academic programs, and articulation agreements through the use of department meetings, outside professional development opportunities, and an annual staff retreat.