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Systems Portfolio

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A New Team for the 2018 Portfolio

New leaders were recently named to the CQI Steering Committee. The group will be responsible for documenting college activities in the six categories of the 2018 Systems Portfolio.  They include:
    •   Helping Students Learn - Adam Moskowitz, April Magoteaux
    •   Meeting Students and Other Key Stakeholder Needs - Desiree Polk-Bland
    •   Valuing Employees - Lynda Anderson
    •   Planning and Leading - Kelly Weir
    •   Knowledge Management and Resources Stewardship - Paul Rusinko, Karen Riley
    •   Quality Overview - Greg Goodhart

The due date for the final 125-page report will be either in June or November 2018. As the college’s third Portfolio, this version will have a special emphasis on data-driven improvements and strategic alignment.  Higher Learning Commission evaluators will follow-up with a campus visit in 2019. 

Ongoing accreditation issues will continue to be coordinated by the Core Team.  It includes Bruce Massis, Accreditation Liaison Officer; David Tom, Faculty Fellow for Accreditation; Antoinette Perkins; Ingrid Emch; Greg Goodhart and Tom Lyons.  Dr. Jack Cooley is the sponsoring official.

The 2013 Systems Portfolio

Columbus State's second Systems Portfolio pdf icon was completed in October 2013. The report provides key documentary evidence of the college's journey along the AQIP accreditation pathway.

Nine campus research teams produced almost two hundred pages of initial data and analysis. Core tecover imageam members Ingrid Emch, Bruce Massis and Antoinette Perkins assimilated the material into a draft portfolio. Multiple stakeholders provided feedback for their areas of the document and Valerie Wilson completed the final edits, with design by Paul Rehg.

Faculty Fellow Greg Goodhart, Interim Chairperson - Mathematics, served as the Project Manager and Polly Owen, Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs, served as the Administrative Manager.

A year in the making, the final 124-page report answers some 140 questions about quality processes, results and improvements at the college.

The Higher Learning Commission provided a comprehensive review of the portfolio in their Systems Appraisal Feedback Report in February 2014.