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Assessment Committee & Leadership Structure: Communicating, Sharing and Closing the Loop

Assessment begins with faculty as they design methods for assessing student learning. Programs and Department Assessment committees coordinate the process with reviews and evaluation of assessment plans and reports. This is followed by the Division Assessment Committees who then make the final approval of assessment plans and reports. The division committees along with the Assessment Faculty Fellows post results on the Assessment SharePoint site. These results and any concerns are communicated to the Office of Academic Affairs Assessment Committee and/or Academic Council who then report to the Sr. Vice President of Academic Affairs (College Cabinet). The Institutional Learning Goal (ILG) Committee that consists of faculty from across the college, reviews the Institutional Learning Goals and Outcomes as well as the General Education Outcomes every four years. The ILG Committee also is charged with developing and recommending college wide assessment measures. The Assessment Faculty Fellows coordinate the work of these assessment committees with the Academic Council, administrators in relevant college offices, and student success initiatives to insure that assessment data are integrated into the college’s practices for the continuous improvement of courses and programs, student learning, and student success.

Faculty Fellows:


Committee structure