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July 13, 2017


President Harrison at hearing

From left are Diana Furchtgott-Roth, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute; David Harrison, president of Columbus State Community College; Scot McLemore of Honda North America; and Betsey Stevenson, associate professor at the University of Michigan. (Photo by Ellie Ashford for Community College Daily)


President Harrison testifies before Congressional Committee in Washington D.C.

President Harrison was one of four witnesses invited to provide expertise at a U.S. Congressional hearing this week. Ohio Congressman Pat Tiberi, who chairs the Joint Economic Committee, called on Dr. Harrison for his view points and suggestions for the hearing titled “A Record Six Million U.S. Job Vacancies: Reasons and Remedies.” The nearly two-hour hearing was held Wednesday morning in Washington D.C.

Witnesses joining Dr. Harrison to testify for the committee included Scot McLemore of Honda North America, Inc., Diana Furchtgott-Roth of the Manhattan Institute and Dr. Betsey Stevenson from the University of Michigan. They were asked to address the reasons for the record-setting number of job vacancies in the United States and how American workers could be matched better to the available job opportunities.

In his public and written testimony, Dr. Harrison said, “The nation’s workforce is becoming more diverse, and employment practices haven’t kept pace with changing demographics. We have over-emphasized the bachelor’s degree as the starting point to a successful career, escalating student loan debt without a proportional positive impact on the labor force. Community colleges are purpose-built to meet two of the nation’s most urgent challenges: unmet workforce needs and rising student debt.”

The president highlighted educational partnerships with K-12 districts and the Preferred Pathway programs with area four-year institutions. He emphasized the importance of public-private partnerships, including a $5 million dollar grant from American Electric Power for the Credits Count program, a $2.5 million grant from JPMorgan Chase which supports the Central Ohio Compact and the ongoing work with Honda to develop a pipeline of graduates.

Click here to read Dr. Harrison’s full written testimony.


Ceremony honors employees for years of service

Harry and Dr HarrisonHarry Lloyd
Laurinda and Dr HarrisonLaurinda Gruber
Jan and Dr HarrisonJan Crozier

On July 6, the College hosted its annual Years of Service Recognition Reception. President Harrison opened the ceremony by congratulating those being honored, and reflected on how the passion and pride of Columbus State’s employees have shaped the College over the years. Employees who have served the college for five, 10 and 15 years stood to be recognized, and employees with 20, 25 and 30 years of service were invited up to the stage to receive certificates.

Linda Reid, Harry Lloyd Jr., Laurinda Gruber and Jan Crozier all celebrated 30 years of service. Kim Hall, who emceed the event, noted that 30 years ago in 1986 Columbus State was still the Columbus Technical Institute and it was in the midst of re-chartering to a community college. (Other fun facts about the year 1986: The Chicago Bears won the Super Bowl, “Top Gun” was the top-grossing movie and the top-selling album of the year was Whitney Houston’s self-titled LP.)


Student-run agency works with clients on and off campus

poster idea

“May the 4th be with you” promotional layout and design done by student Kevin Massie for Student Engagement and Leadership department. Bridge Credit Union ad design and layout by student Merrari McKinney.

Studio 413 is a student-run advertising agency in the Media Creation and Technology department. The students in Studio 413 provide advertising and promotional materials to businesses and companies outside of Columbus State, as well as departments and service organizations here on campus. Students deliver everything from graphic design and brand identity to web page development and digital photography for brochures, logos, posters, web advertising and marketing services. Other programs involved with the agency are Interactive Media, coordinated by Jon Lundquist, and Digital Photography, coordinated by Gene Strickland.

Since January 2017, Studio 413 has provided visual design services to more than 10 clients and the list is growing. Lisa Gibbs, annually contracted faculty in Digital Design & Graphics, has more than 23 years of graphic design experience and is the Creative Director overseeing all student work. Norm Clevenger, Coordinator of Digital Design & Graphics, oversees the business management of the agency.

Studio 413 gives students a unique opportunity to participate in all aspects of an advertising agency from initial concept to working directly with the client on the final product. Students gain valuable experience and creative work that they can add to their portfolios.

Studio 413 is located on the fourth floor of Eibling Hall. If you have questions about the student advertising service, contact Lisa Gibbs at (614) 287-5282 or


Disability Services’ equipment loan program helps students succeed

Disability Services offers an equipment loan program to registered students who need special devices to better access class materials, take notes, and complete assignments. Between Autumn 2015 and Spring 2017, Disability Services loaned a total of 228 devices to 165 different students registered with Disability Services, with nearly a quarter of those students checking out devices in at least two different semesters. Borrowing these devices saves students money and improves their educational experience.

In addition to loaning devices to students for semester use, Disability Services also provides registered students with training for devices and campus software. In particular, staff regularly train students on the use of Read & Write Gold software, a study-skills toolbar licensed by Columbus State.


COTA construction update

COTA removed the shelter on the northbound side of Cleveland Avenue yesterday, and plans to begin pouring concrete on the southbound site today. Crews will shift to demolition on the northbound site on Friday and into next week, weather dependent.


Save the date: Faculty and Staff Convocation

Faculty Convocation: Friday, August 25
9:00 – 10:30 a.m. in the Conference Center, WD Ballroom

Staff Convocation: Friday, October 13  
9:00 – 10:30 a.m. in the Gymnasium

Offices will be closed from 9:00 – 11:00 a.m.



Notes from the Discovery District

The next Thurber House Literary Picnic is Wednesday, July 19, and will feature author Johnny Mast. Mast grew up in the Bergholz Amish community in southern Ohio, known for its beard-cutting attacks on other Amish people. In Break Away Amish, Mast tells in riveting detail about his family and the past. Get more information or buy your tickets here.

The Topiary Park's next movie is Curious George. The movie will be shown this Saturday, July 15. Thanks to the Discovery Special Improvement District for supporting the series. Check out the full lineup here.

Columbus Metropolitan Libraries are partnering with the Gateway Film Center for their From Book to Film summer movie series. Enjoy free admission with your library card. Daily show times are 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. with special Monday happy hours at 7 p.m. Movies run through August 17.



Upcoming workshops

Win With Your Strengths

“Win with Your Strengths” is an introduction to strengths-based language and you’ll learn more about your own strengths and the strengths of others.  Prior to the class, you will take the online StrengthsFinder assessment and determine your top 5 “Signature Strengths.” Seats are limited!

Upcoming Session: July 19, 1:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m.

Please register here: 

Put Your Strengths to Work!

In this half-day class, you will gain a deeper understanding of the strengths based philosophy as you continue along your journey of self-awareness and personal growth. In addition, you will learn six proven strategies that help leverage your own unique strengths as well as the strengths of others on your team.

Upcoming Session: July 21, 1:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m.

Please register here:

Understanding Conflict

Believe it or not, conflict can be a healthy and productive part of the workplace environment.  In Understanding Conflict, we will examine the different conflict styles of the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Instrument to understand our own “go to” style and explore healthy resolution strategies.

Upcoming Session: July 24, 1:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m.

Please register here:


Columbus State congratulates the following Cougar Paw Recipients for May:

Abby Peterson - customer focus
Abdinasir Hassan - managing people
Aesha Sha'heed - customer focus
Aisha McGrapth - leadership, collaboration
Alexander Stigler - customer focus
Alexandra Bradley - collaboration
Allen Kraus - leadership
Allen Parsons - collaboration, continuous improvement
Allison Deverteuil - customer focus, managing work
Aloysius Kienee - collaboration
Alysia Maxwell - customer focus
Amaal Shehabi - customer focus
Amy Brown - collaboration
Anastasia Milakovic - collaboration
Andrew Seymour - managing work
Angela Hill - customer focus
Anne Rundle - customer focus
Anthony Polito - collaboration
Ardell Trotter - customer focus
August Maynard - customer focus
Augustine Munobe - customer focus
B.D. Stacks - continuous improvement, collaboration
Barbara Allen - collaboration
Barbara Jackson - managing work
Bettina Batts - collaboration
Betty Sugar - collaboration, continuous improvement, collaboration
Betty Tatum - collaboration
Brett Hamilton - collaboration
Brett Welsh - collaboration
Brian Thomas - collaboration
Brian Van Horn - customer focus
Bruce Walters - collaboration
Bryan Butte - managing work, customer focus
Carmelita Boyer - customer focus, collaboration, leadership
Catherine Giles - leadership
Chaka Wilson - customer focus
Charles Morin - customer focus
Chavon Harris - leadership
Chrissa  Shamberger - customer focus
Dana Knott - collaboration, managing work
David Harrison - leadership, professionalism
David Wayne - collaboration
Dayna Schlefstein - managing work
Denise Cashon - managing people
Diane Massey - collaboration
Dustin Iacovone - collaboration
Elina Vayntraub - customer focus
Elizabeth Bates - collaboration
Elizabeth McKinney - collaboration
Ellen Seibert - collaboration, professionalism
Evan Jablonka - managing work
Faye Mock - customer focus
Genevieve Sharron - collaboration
Haneefah Lee - leadership
Heather Crites - managing work
Jamel Chamberlain - customer focus
James Kalna - leadership
Jason LaMar - managing work
Jason Woltja - collaboration
Jeffrey Akers - leadership
Jennifer Casteen - professionalism
Jennifer Hendricks - customer focus
John Riggs - managing work
Jonathan Packer - collaboration
Julie Collet - collaboration
Julio Moreno - continuous improvement
Karen Miller - continuous improvement
Karla Thornton - customer focus
Karma Tsering - continuous improvement
Kathy Newman - leadership
Kayla Hennis - collaboration
Keith Kipp - collaboration
Kristine Kinzer - collaboration, professionalism
Laura Baisden - professionalism
Laura Contrucci - collaboration, leadership
Laura Falgiano - leadership
Laura Ziegler - collaboration, continuous improvement
Lauren Merante - customer focus
Lindsey Gibson - collaboration

Lisa Rieder - customer focus
Lorena Popelka - collaboration, leadership
Lori McCammon - professionalism
Lynn Rausch - collaboration
Marcia Holleman - collaboration, managing work, customer focus
Marcus Jackson - leadership
Margaret Power - collaboration
Mark Lynde - customer focus
Mary Ashley - managing work
Mary Whitt - continuous improvement
Matthew Brent - collaboration, managing work
Maurice Anderson - collaboration
Melissa Cherry - managing work
Melissa Crohen - customer focus
Micah Jenkins - customer focus
Michael Hicks - professionalism, collaboration
Michael Sayers - customer focus
Michael Yuille - customer focus
Michell Ward - collaboration
Mingxin Xu - managing work
Missy Graham - customer focus
Misty Mahefkey - collaboration
MJ Willow - professionalism, customer focus
Monessa Bradford - customer focus
Neil Morrison - customer focus
Nicholas Tice - customer focus
Nichole Bowman-Glover - leadership, collaboration
Nicole Rencher - professionalism
Pamela Bullock - collaboration
Pamela Thornton - professionalism, collaboration
Paul Owens - continuous improvement
Paula Riley - customer focus
Pawel Luczkowiec - collaboration
Rachel Dilley - leadership
Rachel Fowler - leadership
Raheel Farooqui - customer focus
Rebecca Butler - leadership
Rini Saha - leadership
Robert Neutzling - collaboration
Robert Stailey - customer focus
Sandra Zeller - customer focus
Sarah Rainwater - collaboration
Sarah Woods - customer focus
Scott Wilson - collaboration
Sean Asbury - continuous improvement
Sharon Richter - customer focus
Sherita Golden - collaboration, professionalism
Sherlann Lewandowski - collaboration
Sheryl Killen - leadership
Stacey Rogers - leadership
Stacia Edwards - leadership
Stacie Odhner-Sibley - managing work
Susan Schnell - collaboration
Susan Ward - professionalism
Suzanne May - collaboration
Tamara Strohecker - managing work
Tamika Jenkins - customer focus
Tara Sheffer - collaboration
Taylor Slocum - collaboration
Teresa Green - customer focus
Thomas Capps - collaboration
Thomas Crist - leadership
Thomas Erney - managing people, leadership
Thomas Ferguson - customer focus
Tina Davis - customer focus
Todd McCoy - collaboration
Tony Goins - continuous improvement, customer focus
Tonya Anderson-Russell - collaboration
Toshi Pearson - collaboration
Trenton Edwards - continuous improvement
Vena Hill - collaboration
Vincent Cocozza - collaboration
Zachary Koteles - professionalism



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