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July 27, 2017


Columbus State leads record number of grants from National Science Foundation


Columbus State has developed more currently funded projects from the National Science Foundation Advanced Technological Education program than any other community college in the nation. The College currently leads eight separate National Science Foundation awards totaling more than $5.6 million. While other community colleges lead six similar grants, Columbus State is the only two-year institution to have so many currently in progress.

The grants are all STEM-focused and strong engagement from industry partners continues to help guide the development and expansion of degree programs throughout the Business, Engineering and Technology division. The goal is to increase the number of graduates who are ready to enter the workforce and begin technician-level careers.

“The Advanced Technological Education program is the grant opportunity dedicated to community colleges,” said Shane Kirby, director of the Grants Office. “The number of awards we have increases our national reputation and is a result of the hard work from our faculty and staff as they develop new degree programs and industry partnerships.”

Programs benefiting from the National Science Foundation grants include Additive Manufacturing, Alternative Energy Automotive, Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, Logistics Engineering Technology, Mobile App Development and the Modern Manufacturing Work Study.


Career Services offers professional resume help to students

Last week, Career Services staff members Amy Brown, Julie Collet, Chelsea Francis, Amanda Perk, and Taylor Slocum were awarded the Certified Professional Resume Writer credential.

The Resume Writer credential, developed by the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches in 1991, is the industry standard for professional resume writers. The exam tests a candidate’s knowledge of resume writing best practices, including the latest industry trends. 

Career Services works with students to develop targeted, industry-specific resumes customized to specific job opportunities. Scheduled appointments are available, as well as drop-in times on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:00 to 3:45 p.m.

The Career Services staff is also available for classroom presentations and training for student organizations. To request a presentation, please submit a Presentation Request Form. For more information about Career Services offerings, please view the Career Services website or call (614) 287-2782. 

Congratulations to the Career Services Staff on their achievement!


Week of Welcome Involvement Fair registration is now open

campus scene on first week of classes

Student Engagement and Leadership is recruiting departments, student groups, and organizations that host on-campus involvement opportunities to have a table at the annual Week of Welcome Involvement Fair on Wednesday, August 30 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. If you lead a student group, please make sure to have a representative at this event. It will be a great opportunity to showcase your department or group to Columbus State students. Please fill out the registration form here: 

If you are interested in hosting a table at Columbus State's Week of Welcome Resource Fair on Thursday, August 31 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., please fill out the registration form here:

Both events are free and open to the Columbus State community. If you have any questions, please contact the Student Engagement and Leadership team at ext. 2637 or


Help students succeed with Early Alert

Starfish is the College’s early alert and tracking system—83 percent of sections (ODS and Starfish) use Starfish to raise tracking items such as flags or kudos regarding students’ progress in the course. These tracking items send direct messages via email or text with information about the concern and support services available to help the student. The student’s Success Network (advisors, Retention Specialists, and other College personnel) see this information and provides a network of support to help the student.

Starfish is highly customizable, with 37 staff departments and 16 academic programs formatting the system in a way that is beneficial to them. Items such as appointment and walk-in set up and automated alerts fed directly from Blackboard allow each department flexibility using the system.

If you have a Starfish request, the College is here to support you. Please send all Starfish-related requests through the form in this link:


First Wednesday is August 2

First Wednesday will be held on Wednesday, August 2, starting at 8:15 a.m. in the Conference Center Ballroom, fourth floor WD. The meeting will also be live streamed online at where you will be prompted to enter the password: cougars.



Notes from the Discovery District

Alley Islands is a new “placemaking” project to transform two under-utilized alleys in the Discovery District into artistic, imaginative public spaces. The series kicks off with “Play Island” on Saturday, July 29 from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. The event will take place at Blockfort (162 N. 6th Street) and admission is free.

The next Thurber House Literary Picnics is Wednesday, August 2  from 5:30 to 9:00 p.m. Ohio native Tiffany McDaniel will speak about her debut novel “The Summer that Melted Everything.”

Catch the last Topiary Park summer movie “The Devil Wears Prada” on Saturday, August 19. More information. The next PBJ and Jazz performance in Topiary Park takes placeSaturday, August 12 featuring Liz Woolley Band.

The Kelton House’s Victorian monthly tea is Wednesday, August 9 and “Trails of Hope” a historical re-enactment depicting the struggles for freedom on the Underground Railroad takes place Sunday, August 13. More information.



All Trainers Gathering Times

The next All Trainers Gathering The Secrets to Effective Meetings will be held Wednesday, August 2 from 10:00 to 11:30 a.m. or 2:00 to 3:30 p.m. 

Columbus State congratulates the following Cougar Paw Recipients for June:

Alan Laforrest - Customer Focus
Alysia Maxwell - Collaboration
Amanda Perk - Managing Work
Amber Spiegel - Collaboration
Amy Brown - Professionalism
Amy Popovich - Customer Focus
Anastasia Milakovic - Customer Focus
Andrew Carter - Collaboration
Angela Howard - Customer Focus
Angela Shear - Collaboration
Anjali Gupta - Customer Focus
Ashley Abbott - Collaboration
Ashley Sweaney - Leadership
Barbara Allen - Collaboration
Beth Barnett - Customer Focus
Bettina  Batts - Customer Focus
Brett Hamilton - Professionalism
Brian Thomas - Leadership
Brittany Barrett - Leadership
Bryan Butte - Customer Focus
Carla Burnett - Collaboration
Carmelita Boyer - Collaboration
Catherine Treyens - Customer Focus
Charles  Braithwaite - Customer Focus
Charles  Depriest - Leadership
Chelsea Elliott - Continuous Improvement
Chelsea Francis - Continuous Improvement, Collaboration
Chris Spackman - Continuous Improvement
Christopher Grubbe - Customer Focus
Christopher Miller - Customer Focus, Collaboration, Continuous Improvement
Craig Kerns - Continuous Improvement
Cullen Daniel - Leadership
Cynthia Archer - Customer Focus
Cynthia Klimek - Customer Focus
Dana Knott - Collaboration, Customer Focus
David Schrappe - Customer Focus
David Tom - Customer Focus
David Wells - Collaboration
Dayna Schlefstein - Collaboration
Dean Bortz - Customer Focus
Deborah Plummer - Collaboration, Managing Work, Customer Focus
Diane Jones - Managing Work
Diane Schultz - Customer Focus
Ellen Neutzling   Collaboration
Ellen Stadler - Customer Focus
Elon Crosby - Continuous Improvement
Elycia Taylor - Customer Focus
Emilie Renner - Customer Focus
Emily Cox - Customer Focus
Erin Kinser - Collaboration
George  Cronheim - Customer Focus
Grace Edwards - Customer Focus
Heather Thompson-Gillis - Customer Focus
Helen Taylor - Customer Focus
Hillary Rehm - Continuous Improvement
Holly Finnegan - Customer Focus
Jaclyn Smith - Collaboration
Jaimie Allen - Customer Focus
James Baker - Customer Focus
James Beidler - Customer Focus
James Engler - Customer Focus
James Hamberg - Customer Focus
James Taylor - Leadership
Jan Rogers - Leadership
Janet Mcdermott - Customer Focus
Jean Liddle - Customer Focus
Jeff Dodge - Continuous Improvement
Jennifer Evans - Customer Focus
Jennifer Hart - Collaboration
Jennifer Mauck - Customer Focus
Jennifer Owens - Collaboration
Jeremy  Banta - Leadership
Jessica Lickeri - Customer Focus
John Youngblood - Professionalism
Jonathan Lipscomb - Leadership
Joseph Hess - Customer Focus
Julie Collet - Customer Focus
Julie Posey - Customer Focus
Julie Stanich - Collaboration
Julio Moreno - Customer Focus
Kara Seigh - Managing Work
Karen Muir - Customer Focus

Karina Brown - Leadership
Kathleen Thompson - Customer Focus
Keith Coates - Managing Work
Kelli Nowlin - Customer Focus
Kristine Kinzer - Collaboration, Customer Focus
Laura Diamond - Collaboration, Continuous Improvement
Laura Ziegler - Collaboration
Lauren   Jones - Customer Focus
Lauren Merante - Collaboration
Laurinda Gruber - Professionalism
Linda Merritt - Customer Focus
Lisa Petersen - Collaboration
Lisa Schneider - Customer Focus
Lorien Anderson - Collaboration
Luke Robson - Customer Focus
Manykhone Chanthavong - Customer Focus
Marilyn Thomas - Customer Focus
Marjorie Schwartz - Customer Focus
Melissa Lamar - Collaboration
Michele Arnold - Customer Focus
Michelle Kohar - Managing Work
Miles Drake - Customer Focus
Molly Ward - Leadership
Monique Carney - Leadership
Nakisha Stewart - Managing Work, Customer Focus
Nancy Stagg - Professionalism
Nathan  Gjerstad - Collaboration
Nathell  Grubbs - Customer Focus
Neil Morrison - Customer Focus
Nicole Rencher - Customer Focus
Pamela  Bullock - Customer Focus
Patricia Fabrisi - Customer Focus
Pauletta Haynes - Collaboration
Pawel Luczkowiec - Professionalism
Pawel Luczkowiec - Customer Focus
Phyllis Gorman - Customer Focus
Rachael Romain - Customer Focus
Rachel Dilley - Collaboration
Rebecca Clarridge - Customer Focus
Richard Bartlett - Customer Focus
Richard Liddil - Customer Focus
Rini Saha - Customer Focus
Robert Cowles - Collaboration
Robin Buser - Managing Work
Robyn Lyons-Robinson - Customer Focus
Ryan Johnson - Collaboration
Sara Devries - Customer Focus
Sarah Barry - Customer Focus
Sarah Skeen - Customer Focus
Sean O'Neill - Customer Focus
Shelby Hartzell - Continuous Improvement
Shelley Casbarro - Customer Focus
Sheryl Killen - Customer Focus
Skip Stocksdale - Customer Focus
Stephanie Albrecht - Collaboration
Stephanie Murphy - Collaboration
Steven Zelenka - Customer Focus
Susan Schnell - Customer Focus
Tamara Strohecker - Customer Focus
Tara Narcross - Leadership
Tara Rohr - Customer Focus
Tara Sheffer - Leadership
Taylor Slocum - Customer Focus, Managing Work
Teresa Lister - Customer Focus
Terrence Brooks - Managing Work, Customer Focus
Thelma  Bucy - Customer Focus
Theophilus McKaye - Customer Focus
Thomas Lewis - Collaboration, Continuous Improvement
Timothy Malloy - Customer Focus
Toni Rygg - Customer Focus
Tracy Anderson - Collaboration, Continuous Improvement
Tracy Thornton - Managing Work, Customer Focus
Trenton Edwards - Collaboration, Customer Focus
Tzu-Yi Yang - Customer Focus
Vanessa Cummings - Customer Focus
Victoria Pepper - Customer Focus
Victoria Rehr - Managing Work
William Damron - Professionalism, Continuous Improvement
Yvette Johnson - Customer Focus
Zachary Rost - Collaboration



New bus stop almost ready

scene of man inspecting structure

This week, crews started wrapping up construction by placing signs on the new COTA bus stops on Cleveland Avenue on the Columbus Campus. Read more about the new rapid transit line stops.





Nominate a student representative for the Board of Trustees

It’s time to nominate a student leader to participate in the application process to become the 2017-2018 Student Representative for the Board of Trustees. For more details about the expectations and responsibilities, please visit the following link:  

To nominate a candidate, send the following letter to an exceptional student leader on campus; they will need to complete the application process to be considered as the 2017-2018 student representative. The deadline for applications is Wednesday, July 26 at noon. Please do not send the application out to more than one interested student. This is a very thorough process and only the best candidates will be considered.

If you have any questions, you may contact Dean of Student Life Renee Hill or Director of Student Conduct Terrence Books. Finally, please send Terrence Brooks the name of the student that you are nominating.

Dear Student,

Congratulations: You have been nominated as a potential candidate for the 2017-2018 Student Representative for the Board of Trustees. Please review the expectations and requirements before completing your application.

Please visit the following link to complete your application:

If you have any questions about the application itself, students may contact Terrence Brooks at or (614)287-2815.




Submit your news to Update

Do you have news or an announcement for the employees of Columbus State? Send your news to Update, the Columbus State newsletter exclusively for employees. Update is published every Monday and Thursday during the semester, and on Mondays during semester breaks. Send your news to by Friday at noon for inclusion in the Monday edition, and Wednesday at noon for the Thursday edition. Update editors reserve the right to edit submissions for clarity, brevity and editorial style.

Submit your news to students in Campus Life

Are you hosting a special event for students, starting a new class next semester, offering a workshop or seminar of interest, or would you like to share a special student success story? Send your news to Campus Life, the weekly online publication for Columbus State students. Send student news to by Tuesday at noon for inclusion in the Wednesday edition of Campus Life. Campus Life headlines are sent to students via email each Wednesday during the semester.