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May 25, 2017



ODHE awards $10K grant for sexual violence awareness campaign

The Ohio Department of Higher Education has awarded Columbus State a $10,000 grant titled “Inspiring a Community of Shared Responsibility.”

With this grant, the Office of Equity and Compliance will develop and implement a year-long campaign to raise college awareness of intimate partner violence and gender-based stalking.

The campaign will educate the college community on the behaviors of intimate partner violence and stalking, and will provide bystanders with effective and safe intervention techniques.

The grant assists Columbus State in meeting federal training mandates under Title IX and the Violence Against Women Act, and supports a safe, respectful and productive learning and working environment.


Barksdale in classroom

Barksdale releases new book

Reuel Barksdale, professor in Business Programs, hosted a release party recently for his new book titled “Lessons Beneath the Mask: From Pain to Promise.”

cover of book

In the foreword to the book, Les Brown, a motivational speaker, writes, “There is a power and presence in you that can overcome anything that you are facing now, or in the future. Lessons Beneath the Mask allows us to take a journey with four individuals whose life examples prove that things may happen around you, and things may happen to you, but the only thing that really counts is what happens in you.”

Barksdale’s book is now available on Amazon, Kindle, Nook, and KOBO.



Reminder: First Wednesday is June 7

First Wednesday will be held on Wednesday, June 7, starting at 8:15 a.m. in the Conference Center Ballroom, fourth floor WD.  The meeting will also be live streamed online at where you will be prompted to enter the password cougars.


Locker room closed through June 20

The women’s locker room in the Fitness Center in Delaware Hall will be closed from May 30 through June 20 for renovation.  Women using the Fitness Center are instructed to use first-floor restrooms for changing during the construction.



Managers Forum offered June 6

Join Human Resources for the next Managers Forum, Tuesday, June 6, from 10:00 to 11:30 a.m. in WD 409. In this session, managers will receive an introduction to the Request for Adjustment to Pay/Position/Personnel (RAPPP) Form. All supervisors, managers, and administrators are encouraged to attend.

Cougar Paws awarded for April

The following employees were recognized during the month of April with Cougar Paw Kudos:

Barbara Allen, Program Coordinator - customer focus and leadership
Jill Anderson, Advisor – collaboration
Kathleen Anderson, Testing Assistant, - customer focus
Lorien Anderson, Librarian – professionalism
Laura Baisden, Specialist – leadership
Sarah Baker, Specialist - managing people
Jeremy Banta, Instructor – collaboration
Tina Berry, Adjunct – collaboration
Dick Bickerstaff, Chairperson – collaboration
Martin Blaine, Assistant Professor - collaboration
Paul Boaz, Coordinator - collaboration
Dianna Brackbill, Office Associate - customer focus
Monessa Bradford, Program Coordinator - customer focus
Alexandra Bradley, Specialist - collaboration
Kimberly Brazwell, Administrator - customer focus
Lori Brown, Advisor - customer focus
Janiece Brunner, Payroll Specialist - customer focus
Frank Bucy, Groundskeeper - collaboration
Amy Bullock, Advisor - customer focus
Dixie Burkhart, System Specialist - customer focus and collaboration
Robin Buser, Supervisor - collaboration
Bryan Butte, Designer - customer focus
Lacey Byrom-Mcclure, Security Specialist - leadership
Crystal Ceballos, Functional Analyst - collaboration
Jamel Chamberlain, Advisor - customer focus
Nicole Clark, Advisor - customer focus
Julie Collet, Counselor – collaboration
Laura Contrucci, Designer – collaboration
Robert Crane, Payroll Specialist – collaboration
George Cronheim, Testing Assistant - customer focus
Elon Crosby, Security Specialist - customer focus
Vanessa Cummings, Supervisor – collaboration
Carmen Daniels, Chairperson – collaboration
Tamara Daniels, Assistant Director – leadership
Tina Davis, Coordinator - customer focus and collaboration
Wanda Demons, Business Partner – collaboration
Brian Dixon, Advisor – collaboration
Sandra Downing, Advisor - continuous improvement and collaboration
Patrick Fiorelli, Associate Professor – collaboration
Edwynna Freeman, Business Partner – collaboration
Veronica Gaines, Specialist - customer focus
Mary Galentine, Accountant – collaboration
Lindsey Gibson, Specialist – professionalism
Nathan Gjerstad, Technician - collaboration
Sarah Goff, Advisor - customer focus
Missy Graham, Program Coordinator - collaboration
James Hamberg, Program Coordinator - collaboration
Cassandra Hape, Representative - collaboration
Megan Hatton, Advisor - customer focus
Jennifer Hendricks, Designer - customer focus
Lucas Hissong, Director - customer focus
Kristen Holland, Advisor - collaboration
Kristina Hughes, Annually Contracted Faculty - collaboration
Marlene Jablonka, Executive Assistant - collaboration
Tamika Jenkins, Specialist - customer focus
Yvette Johnson, Instructor - collaboration
Mya Jordan, Assistant Director - leadership
Joann Kauffman, Adjunct - collaboration
Ethan Kaufman, Material Handler II - customer focus and professionalism
Donna Keely, Supervisor - leadership
Tamer Khadre, Advisor - customer focus
Erin Kinser, Designer - collaboration
Kristine Kinzer, Librarian – collaboration
Keith Kipp, Specialist – collaboration
Evelyn Kirschner, Annually Contracted Faculty – collaboration
Elizabeth Koppenhoefer, Advisor - customer focus
Melissa Lamar, Specialist – collaboration
Sherlann Lewandowski, Specialist – professionalism
Richard Liddil, System Administrator – collaboration
Brysan Lipscomb, Representative – collaboration
Jason Love, System Specialist - customer focus
Timothy Malloy, System Administrator – collaboration
Justin Manibog, Systems Analyst - collaboration and managing people
Jasmine Marks, Specialist – leadership
Lori McCammon, Representative – collaboration
Eric McMillon, Program Coordinator – collaboration
Lynn McNish, Specialist - managing work
Faye Mock, Project Specialist – collaboration
Dennis Moore, Coordinator – collaboration
Justin Mulinex, Material Handler II - customer focus
Augustine Munobe, Advisor - customer focus
Sheree Nash, Designer – collaboration
Allen Parsons, Coordinator – leadership
Lisa Petersen, Executive Assistant – collaboration
Lorena Popelka, Librarian – professionalism
Jacob Popovich, Associate Professor – collaboration
Sarah Rainwater, Advisor – collaboration
Lynn Rausch, Advisor – collaboration
Becky Ribble, Supervisor - customer focus
Darlene Roberson, Specialist - collaboration
Terry Rockwell, Supervisor - collaboration
Stacey Rogers, Supervisor - customer focus
Zachary Rost, Advisor - leadership
Toni Rygg, Representative - collaboration
Rini Saha, Designer - collaboration
Emily Scarborough, Specialist - leadership
Susan Schnell, Analyst - professionalism
Diane Schultz, Specialist - leadership
Shannon Scott , Police Officer - customer focus and managing work
Brian Seely, Coordinator - collaboration
Chrissa Shamberger, Testing Assistant - collaboration
Genevieve Sharron, Program Coordinator - customer focus
Sarah Skeen, Functional Analyst - collaboration
Lonie Smith, Technician - collaboration
Souksongkane Sopraseuth, Police Sergeant - managing work
Nancy Stagg, Designer - collaboration
Leanna Stansell, Specialist - collaboration
Cassi Stewart, Advisor - customer focus
Skip Stocksdale, Technician - customer focus
Debbie Strain, Specialist - customer focus
Ashley Sweaney, Supervisor - managing people and managing work
Brian Van Horn, System Administrator - customer focus
Jan Van Horn, Professor - collaboration
Kaylie Vermillion, Librarian - professionalism
Trevor Warfield, Coordinator - collaboration
Brett Welsh, Director - leadership
Twila Wiley, Coordinator - collaboration
Rhonda Williams, Specialist - continuous improvement
MJ Willow, Designer- collaboration and continuous improvement
Chaka Wilson, Advisor - collaboration
Pamela Wilson, Career Facilitator - collaboration
Julie Zaveloff, Librarian - collaboration



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