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October 16, 2017



Columbus State hosts annual Central Ohio Compact Summit

panel of speakers

More than 200 people gathered at the Center for Workforce Development on the Columbus Campus last Wednesday, October 11, for an annual meeting of the Central Ohio Compact. Launched in 2011, the Compact is a regional strategy focused on developing a talented workforce that can meet evolving employer needs.

detail of slide show and people

Over the years it has served as a convener and collaborator among K-12 districts, higher education institutions, employers and other stakeholders. Key to the work are these yearly summits, where educators, state officials, and community leaders gather to learn about the region’s progress toward its attainment goal of having 65 percent of Central Ohioans possessing a postsecondary degree or certificate by 2025.

A $2.5 million investment from JPMorgan Chase & Co. New Skills at Work initiative is helping fund the ongoing work. The Compact has turned its focus to coordination between employers and schools with an aim to better prepare students for promising careers and better equip employers with the talent they need.

Watch highlights of the Compact Summit here.


checking out the cars

Employees take a ride in the new Tesla electric car

On Friday, representatives from Smart Columbus visited campus as part of the Ride and Drive initiative, designed to encourage awareness of electric vehicles, COTA service, and ride-sharing services in Columbus. College community members had a chance to demo electric vehicles, including the new Tesla, and learn more about citywide transportation and mobility developments. If you missed the event, keep an eye on Update, as Ride and Drive may return again in the spring.



Christopher’s open for dinner service

The Hospitality Department invites you to dine at Christopher's, a student-run restaurant in Eibling Hall 005. Each student is required to participate in the week-to-week production of running a restaurant. As a patron, you will be asked to critique the meal, and the students serving you. This useful information is reviewed and discussed after the restaurant closes each week in order to better prepare our future managers in the hospitality industry.

And with Thanksgiving quickly approaching, why not take care of dessert now? The hospitality department is taking orders for pies, cakes and more. Order forms and details available at ext. 5126. See more details here.

Hours of Operation:
Dinner Service: 6:00-7:15 p.m.

Order TO GO at ext. 5121
To-Go Call-in Hours: 5:00-6:30 p.m.


Columbus State honored in Top 25 by Safe Campus

Ahead of the 2018 conference, Safe Campus released a list of top colleges and universities making a difference in student safety. Columbus State ranked 13 out of 25 in recognition of the efforts made by the Office of Public Safety.




Health Rewards Program Rally Platform

Every employee and spouse/domestic partner covered under either of the UHC plans through Columbus State must reach eight coins under the Health Rewards program to maintain the 20 percent payroll contribution. The cycle started July 1, 2017, and runs through June 30, 2018.

HR is hosting an information session to review the web platform and troubleshoot any technical issues on Wednesday, October 18 in DE214 at 12:00 p.m.

If you have questions, contact Nichole Bowman-Glover, Wellness Coordinator, at ext. 3989 or

ERG Training: Identity and Trauma

How does our identity shape who we trust – and why? What we fear and why?  Most importantly, how can we conquer our bias-related interpersonal fears in order to build safer shared work spaces?  Identity and Trauma examines identity and its impact on all members of an organization. Participants reflect on identity-related trauma, race equity (vs. diversity), and the impact of trauma-informed cultural competence in our personal and professional lives.

October 18, from 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. in WD 355
Register here

Get a flu shot October 25

Columbus State Wellness will offer flu shots to all full-time employees Wednesday, October 25 on the Columbus Campus in WD 205 from 7:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. and on the Delaware Campus in DA 134 from 11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.

Register here

If you have questions, contact Nichole Bowman-Glover, Wellness Coordinator, at ext. 3989 or


October 2 - Jamie Minor – Program Coordinator – Business, Engineering and Tech
October 2 - Peggy Lucas – Specialist – Human Services
October 2 - Mark Boll – Material Handler II - Procurement and College Services
October 2 - Angie Shear- Project Manager – Institutional Effectiveness
October 16 - S.G. Kiron Nao – Project Manager - Institutional Effectiveness
October 16 - Sarah Christian – Program Coordinator – Grants Office
October 16 - Bambi Bowman – Technician I – IT Frontliners
October 16 - Stephanie Page – Program Coordinator - Business, Engineering and Tech



Grounds Coordinator, Grounds - Requisition No. 1743
Project Specialist, Student and Academic Support – Requisition No. 1749
Specialist, Admissions – Requisition No. 1755
Teaching Assistant, Biological and Physical Sciences – Requisition No. 1758


Columbus State congratulates the following Cougar Paw Recipients for September:

Adam Polen - Collaboration
Alan Laforrest - Collaboration
Aletha Shipley - Collaboration
Aloysius Kienee - Leadership
Amaal Shehabi - Collaboration, Leadership
Amy Brown - Continuous Improvement
Andrew Seymour - Collaboration
Angela Hill - Customer Focus
Ann Wenger - Customer Focus, Collaboration
April Pace - Collaboration
Ashley Abbott - Collaboration, Customer Focus
Augustine Munobe - Customer Focus
Barbara Allen - Customer Focus
Brent Warren - Collaboration
Brett Welsh - Collaboration
Brianne Miller - Customer Focus
Carla Burnett - Collaboration
Carla Halliburton - Collaboration
Chaka Wilson - Customer Focus
Charles  Depriest - Collaboration
Chavon Harris - Leadership
Courtney Martin - Leadership
Cynthia Hayes - Leadership
Damian Marburger - Customer Focus
Dana Knott - Leadership
Danielle Smith - Collaboration
Darla Vanhorn - Collaboration
David Harrison - Collaboration
David Metz - Collaboration
Deborah Plummer - Collaboration
Debra Hitch - Continuous Improvement
Dedrick Reid - Collaboration
Diana Wisse - Collaboration
Diane Massey - Collaboration
Diane Schultz - Collaboration
Donna Dixon - Collaboration
Dustin Iacovone - Continuous Improvement
Edwynna Freeman - Professionalism, Collaboration
Elizabeth Yount - Collaboration
Ellen Neutzling - Collaboration
Eric Johnson - Continuous Improvement
Ethan Kaufman - Customer Focus
Evan Jablonka - Leadership
Felicia Smith - Leadership
Genevieve Sharron - Collaboration, Leadership
George  Chatters - Collaboration
George  Cronheim - Customer Focus
Gregory Gibbs - Collaboration
Heather Crites - Customer Focus
Hillary Jones - Collaboration
Ivy Lamb - Collaboration
Jaclyn Smith - Collaboration, Customer Focus
Jacqueline Jenkins - Collaboration
James Engler - Leadership
James Favuzzi - Collaboration
James Kalna - Collaboration
Jason Woltja - Collaboration
Jean Liddle - Professionalism
Jeanette Ferguson - Collaboration
Jeffrey Akers - Leadership
Jennifer Casteen - Collaboration
Jill Anderson - Collaboration
John Bland - Professionalism, Managing Work
John McCoy - Customer Focus
John Mosca - Collaboration
John Riggs - Customer Focus
Ju Leigh Serpa - Customer Focus
Julie Barry - Collaboration, Leadership

Julie Collet - Customer Focus
Julie Zaveloff - Leadership, Continuous Improvement
Justin Mulinex - Customer Focus
Karen Miller - Leadership
Karen Muir - Customer Focus
Kathryn Weimerskirch - Managing Work, Professionalism
Kayla Hennis - Collaboration
Kelly Weir - Collaboration
Kevin Hammond - Leadership
Kimberly Hall - Collaboration
Kristine Kinzer - Collaboration
Laura Ziegler - Collaboration
Lauren Merante - Customer Focus
Laurie Johns - Collaboration
Leon'Dra Hicks - Customer Focus
Lisa Rieder - Customer Focus, Professionalism
Lisa Schneider - Collaboration
Lonie Smith - Customer Focus
Lorena Popelka - Collaboration, Continuous Improvement
Lori Billenstein - Collaboration
Lucas Gorz - Collaboration
Lynda Anderson-Casey - Leadership, Collaboration
Maggie  O'Brien - Collaboration
Marcia   Holleman - Leadership
Mark Bragg - Professionalism
Martin   Maliwesky - Collaboration
Mary Ashley - Collaboration
Mary Brown - Customer Focus, Collaboration
Mary Galentine - Collaboration
Maurice Anderson - Collaboration
Michael Hicks - Customer Focus
Michele Arnold - Collaboration
Michele Wade -  Collaboration
Mingxin Xu - Professionalism, Customer Focus
Monique Carney - Leadership
Nancy Case - Leadership
Nancy Stagg - Managing Work
Nathan  Gjerstad - Customer Focus, Collaboration
Nicholas Tice - Collaboration
Nicole Clark - Collaboration
Nikki Pearce - Leadership
Nome Stillwell - Collaboration
Patricia Haaser - Leadership
Patricia Malloy - Collaboration
Paul Rehg - Collaboration
Paul Rusinko - Collaboration
Rachel Dilley - Collaboration
Rebecca Butler - Collaboration
Regina   Randall - Collaboration
Richard James - Continuous Improvement
Robert   Neutzling - Managing Work
Ronald  Boisvert - Leadership
Ryan Scott - Collaboration
Sarah Rainwater - Collaboration, Leadership
Sherlann Lewandowski - Collaboration
Sheryl Killen - Collaboration
Skip Stocksdale - Collaboration, Customer Focus
Stacia Edwards - Leadership
Susan Downing - Collaboration
Tari Blaney - Collaboration
Taylor Howard - Continuous Improvement
Taylor Slocum - Customer Focus
Tenzin Dachung - Continuous Improvement
Terrence Brooks - Leadership
Thomas Capps - Collaboration
Thomas Lyons - Collaboration
Timothy Birchfield - Managing Work
Timothy Davis - Collaboration
Vanessa Langhurst - Collaboration 



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