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October 2, 2017


First Wednesday is October 4

First Wednesday will be held on Wednesday, October 4, starting at 8:15 a.m. in the Conference Center Ballroom, fourth floor WD. The meeting will also be live-streamed online at where you will be prompted to enter the password: cougars.


Employee Resource Groups launching this fall

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) allow members to connect with other employees who share similar interests and a common bond or background. These employee-led groups are designed to meet the unique needs of each affinity or identity.

Current Groups:
  • Caregivers
  • African-Americans
  • Women
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer (LGBTQ)
  • Disabilities
  • Young Professionals
  • Single Parents/Guardians

Want to join an ERG? There’s no formal registration — all you have to do is attend a meeting. Visit this link for more information. Meeting times and locations for each group will be announced soon in Update and on the website. If you have questions, contact Kim Brazwell or Trenton Edwards.


Women’s ERG meeting October 12

The Women’s Employee Resource Group invites college employees who identify as women to our kick-off gathering on Thursday, October 12 from 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. in the Multimedia Studio of the Library. Please consider joining in conversation with other women of the college about the topics you choose – from what keeps you up at night to what motivates you to be your best self.  If you have questions about the Women’s ERG, please contact liaison Crystal Clark or Kelly Hogan.


party scene

Columbus State recognizes hard work of the Facilities Department

On Thursday, September 28, the College hosted a special luncheon for the Facilities Department to say “thank you” for the hard work the team put in to beautify the campus for Taste the Future in August and the fall semester.






Attention faculty: Help clean up Blackboard

If you are enrolled as a user in at least one Blackboard shell, the Digital Education and Instructional Services (DEIS) department needs your help cleaning up unused shells. Please follow the three simple steps below:

STEP ONE: Click here:

STEP TWO: Log in using your normal Blackboard username and password

STEP THREE: A list of your shells will display

Click Keep if you are using this shell

Click Unenroll if you are no longer using this shell

If you choose “Unenroll,” it only removes you as a user in the Shell, and if you choose “Keep,” you remain a user in the Shell. 

If all users choose Unenroll from a given shell, it will be archived and removed.

That's it! The Faculty Assistance Center will process any Unenroll requests as they are received and as their workload permits. If you change your mind about the shells you are using, you may revisit the page and click Undo to make a new selection. If the Faculty Assistance Center has already processed your Unenroll request, you will need to contact the FAC to be re-enrolled in the shell.

The deadline to review your shells is Saturday, October 31.

If we do not get a response from you by the deadline date, DEIS will assume the shells are no longer being used and will remove you from the shells. If all users are deleted from a shell, the shell will be removed. 

If you have any questions about this process, please contact the Faculty Assistance Center in the DEIS department at (614) 287-5991 or


Specialist travels to Society of Collegiate Travel and Expense Management conference on scholarship

Tracy Thornton, specialist in Purchasing, Accounts Payable & Travel, recently received a full scholarship from the Society of Collegiate Travel and Expense Management (SCTEM) to attend the 2017 SCTEM Collaborate Conference in Miami, Florida. SCTEM provides an opportunity for colleges and universities across America to engage and gain insight into collegiate travel and expense management best practices. Conference attendees also toured the highly acclaimed Chaplin School of Hospitality and Tourism Management at Florida International University.


Sing for social justice with the Crazy Faith Freedom Choir

Do you like to sing? Do you have a passion for social justice? The Crazy Faith Freedom Choir is open for singers, especially sopranos. The group rehearses at Summit United Methodist Church at 82 E. 16th Avenue on Wednesday evenings from 7:00-8:00 p.m. Contact Robyn Lyons-Robinson at  for information or just come on by. The Crazy Faith Freedom Choir will perform at Columbus State’s Umoja Karamu Unity Feast on Thursday, November 9 at 7:00 p.m.


Celebrate Hispanic Heritage at Columbus State


In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 to October 15), we would like to invite you to join the Global Diversity & Inclusion Center in celebrating Hispanic & Latino culture and history at Columbus State. See the list of events.

For more information or questions, please contact Jasmine Marks at (614) 287-5319 or


Watch out for ‘toner scams’

The College has recently seen some “toner scams” where vendors may try to call or email you to confirm your printer model number and/or a standing order. Once the vendor confirms the information, they will create a bogus order on your behalf.  As a result, the College could be billed an exorbitant amount or receive a fake invoice for toner and services.

As a reminder, call the IT Support Center for all Ricoh printer toner and supplies. Please have your device's ID number available when you call or email. The ID number can be located on the front of the device. If you have any questions, please contact the IT Support Center (614) 287-5050 or email at




August 15 - Aloysius Kienee, Coordinator IT-Frontliners
August 16 - Beth Vetter, Instructor Dental Hygiene
August 24 - Kathryn Howe, Library-Specialist Circulation
August 28 - Rita Ralph, ACF Math
August 28 - Margaret "Peggy" Mayo, ACF Medical Laboratory Tech
August 28 - Dustin Gibson, ACF English
August 28 - Andrew Farley, ACF Vet Tech
August 28 - Rachel Alderson, ACF Microbiology 
August 28 - Megan Schwartz, ACF Medical Imaging
August 28 - Kathryn Sasser, ACF Psychology
August 28 - Mahmood Karimi Abdolmaleki, ACF Chemistry 
August 28 - Whitney Larson, ACF English
August 28 - Megan Blackford, ACF Phlebotomy 
August 28 - Edna McQuesten, ACF Nursing
September 1 - Cassandra Carothers, Communications Technician II Patrol
September 1 - Joy Livergood, Transcript Evaluator Office of the Registrar
September 1 - Aisha McGrapth, Office Associate Computer Science
September 1 - Judy Holt, HRIS Specialist Human Resources
September 1 - Robb Coventry, Director II Facilities
September 6 - Lindsay Tarbox, Site Specialist RLC's
September 18 - Tina Diggs, Director Delaware Campus
September 18 - Jordan Wilson, Advisor College Credit Plus

Columbus State congratulates the following Cougar Paw Recipients for August:

Abdirisaq Jama – Leadership
Adam Hagar – Managing Work
Alexandra Bradley – Leadership
Allen Parsons – Collaboration
Allison Deverteuil – Collaboration
Aloysius Kienee – Collaboration, Continuous Improvement
Amaal Shehabi – Leadership, Collaboration
Amanda Cecil – Collaboration
Amanda Jurden – Collaboration
Amanda Perk – Collaboration, Customer Focus
Amy Bullock – Leadership
Andrew Seymour – Collaboration
Angela Shear – Collaboration
Annie Clausen – Managing Work
Anthony Polito – Customer Focus, Leadership
Antoinette Perkins – Leadership
August Maynard – Leadership
Bambi Bowman – Customer Focus
Barbara Allen – Leadership, Continuous Improvement, Collaboration
Bart Prickett – Customer Focus
Beth Stanley – Collaboration
Brenda Dembraski – Customer Focus
Brett Welsh – Collaboration
Brianne Miller – Professionalism
Bryan Butte – Customer Focus
Carie Davis – Collaboration
Carla Burnett – Collaboration
Carmelita Boyer – Customer Focus, Leadership
Cecelia Glackin – Leadership
Chavon Harris – Leadership
Christina Stillion – Collaboration, Customer Focus
Christopher Miller – Continuous Improvement
Cynthia Meyers – Customer Focus
Damian Marburger – Customer Focus
Danielle Smith – Leadership
Darren   Latanick – Continuous Improvement
Dawn Skedell – Leadership
Deborah Plummer – Leadership
Debra Hitch – Collaboration
Deirdre Davis – Customer Focus
Demarco Marable – Professionalism
Denise Cashon – Collaboration
Denise Flowers – Leadership
Diane Massey – Collaboration
Douglas House – Customer Focus, Collaboration
Dustin Iacovone – Leadership
Edwardo Carino – Collaboration
Elina Vayntraub – Customer Focus
Elizabeth Mckinney – Leadership
Elizabeth Straub – Leadership
Ellen Neutzling – Customer Focus
Emily Cox – Customer Focus
Erika Miller – Collaboration
Erinbeth Dower – Customer Focus
Erinbeth Dower – Customer Focus
Ethan Kaufman – Collaboration
Frank Bucy – Continuous Improvement
Frank Sugar – Leadership, Customer Focus, Managing Work
Genevieve Sharron – Collaboration
Gloria Lane – Customer Focus
Grace Edwards – Leadership
Haneefah Lee – Customer Focus
Heather Crites – Managing Work
Holly Green – Collaboration
James Engler – Collaboration, Professionalism
James Kalna – Customer Focus
Jan Rogers – Collaboration
Jasmine Marks – Collaboration
Jason Apt – Leadership
Jason Connelly – Managing Work
Jason Stover – Customer Focus
Jason Woltja – Collaboration
Jean Liddle – Leadership
Jeffery Spain – Managing People, Leadership
Jennifer Hendricks – Collaboration
Jennifer Schleppi – Collaboration
Jennifer Whittington – Leadership, Collaboration
Jessica Allen – Customer Focus
Jessica Jones – Managing People
Jessica Tomasek – Customer Focus
Joel Smith – Leadership – Collaboration
John Mosca – Leadership
John Riggs – Customer Focus, Collaboration
John Sherwood – Leadership
Jon Powers – Collaboration
Ju Leigh Serpa – Customer Focus
Julie Collet – Collaboration
Julie Stanich – Collaboration
Julie Sullivan – Collaboration
Justin Mulinex – Collaboration
Kathleen Ellis – Leadership
Katie Kuhn – Managing Work
Katina Fitch – Collaboration
Katrina De Los Santos – Collaboration

Keith Kipp – Customer Focus, Collaboration
Kevin Caldwell – Leadership
Kimberly Eckhart – Leadership
Kristen Holland – Continuous Improvement
Laura Baisden –  Professionalism, Customer Focus
Laura Shady – Collaboration
Laura Ziegler – Customer Focus
Lauren Merante – Professionalism
Lawrence James – Collaboration, Customer Focus, Professionalism
Leanna  Stansell – Continuous Improvement, Leadership
Lorena Popelka – Leadership
Lori Billenstein – Customer Focus
Lori Bolton – Collaboration
Lynn Giese – Continuous Improvement
Lynn Walker – Managing Work, Leadership, Collaboration
Marcia Holleman – Customer Focus, Collaboration
Marcus Jackson – Leadership
Marcy Leeds – Leadership
Mary Bond – Leadership
Mary Brown – Customer Focus
Mary Olinski – Collaboration
Maurice Anderson – Managing People
Megan Barr – Leadership
Melissa Crohen – Collaboration
Michael Hicks – Leadership
Michael Wise – Managing Work
Michell Ward – Managing Work, Leadership
Michelle Baker – Customer Focus
Michelle Teasley-Parks – Collaboration
Mingxin Xu – Customer Focus
Missy Graham – Customer Focus
Monique Carney – Leadership
Mustafe Ali – Continuous Improvement
Mya Jordan – Leadership
Nancy Case – Leadership
Nancy Kaler – Managing Work, Collaboration
Nancy Smith – Customer Focus
Nancy Stagg – Customer Focus
Nate Faubel-Ravely – Leadership
Nathan  Cox – Collaboration
N. Grubbs – Leadership
Nichole Bowman–Glover – Continuous Improvement
Nichole Braun – Collaboration
Nome Stillwell – Collaboration – Customer Focus
Patricia Gabrenya – Leadership, Professionalism, Continuous Improvement
Patricia Haaser – Leadership
Paula Collier – Collaboration, Leadership, Customer Focus
Paula Collier – Leadership, Customer Focus
Pete Hackman – Leadership, Customer Focus
Regina Randall – Leadership
Renee Haro – Customer Focus
Rhonda Gurio – Continuous Improvement
Rita Bova – Leadership
Robert Neutzling – Leadership
Ronald Boisvert – Collaboration
Russell Dougherty – Collaboration
Ryan Moore – Customer Focus
Sarah Baker – Continuous Improvement, Leadership
Sarah Dryer – Customer Focus
Sarah Mcculley – Continuous Improvement
Sarah Rainwater – Collaboration
Sarah Skeen – Leadership
Shaa Clayton – Continuous Improvement
Shane Stewart – Customer Focus
Shannon Rondo – Customer Focus
Shawna Williams – Customer Focus
Shelley  Casbarro – Collaboration
Sheri Harrington – Collaboration
Sherita  Golden – Leadership
Sheryl Killen – Collaboration
Skip Stocksdale – Collaboration, Customer Focus
Stacey Peer – Collaboration
Stacey Rogers – Collaboration, Customer Focus
Stacie Odhner-Sibley – Customer Focus
Steven Pond – Continuous Improvement
Steven Schemine – Leadership
Susan Judd – Leadership
Tamara Ervin – Customer Focus
Tammie Franz – Collaboration
Taylor Slocum – Collaboration
Teresa Lister – Collaboration
Terrence Brooks – Leadership
Terrence Lawrence – Leadership
Tewodros Zeleke – Managing People, Continuous Improvement
Timothy Birchfield – Leadership
Tina Pickering – Collaboration
Toni Rygg – Customer Focus, Professionalism, Collaboration
Toshi Pearson – Customer Focus
Trenton Edwards – Leadership
Vanessa Anderson – Leadership
Vena Hill – Leadership
Vernon Lewis – Collaboration
Zachary Koteles – Leadership
Zachary Rost – Collaboration




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