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Project Document Templates

The Project Leadership training conducted in Fall 2011 provides a "thought framework" around doing project work well. The project document templates included on this page are intended to help staff, administrators and faculty most effectively plan and execute in order to achieve the desired project outcomes. All projects, regardless of size or scope, are most successful if a few basic matters are thoughtfully and thoroughly considered, including the following:

What are we doing? And why? Who is Involved? (Charter and Scope, Organization and Roles)

What are key milestones? (Milestone List .xls)

What do we want to get done, by who and by when? (Work Plan and Schedule)

How can we launch project successfully? (Project Kickoff)

How do we monitor our progress? (Progress Report)

What might hinder our progress? How do we mitigate? (Risk and Mitigation Plan)

Who needs to know what, when and how? (Communication Plan)

How do we resolve key decisions effectively? (Key Business Decision)

How do we document key discussions and actions? (Discussion Items)

How do we officially close the project? (Project Closeout)

Also included is the Project Leadership Presentation - Autumn 2011 (.pptx) that was delivered to many leaders across the college.   The messages and framework included in the powerpoint slides are intended to provide consistency across the college and provide quick reference as needed for your important college project work.

To request assistance or training on completing the Project Document Templates, please contact Tonja Morgan,