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This site lists many resources, policies and opportunities relevant to Columbus State Faculty. If you have a suggestion for information or resources to be posted here, please contactthe Faculty Entry, Training and Professional Development Committee of Academic Council.

Online Faculty Handbook

Below are links to information and resources relevant to faculty instruction, service, development and employment.

+ Student support

+ Computer and instructional technology support


Other Campus Technology

Smart Classroom
Equipment documentation and tutorials. Help Line: 287-2463.

Wi-Fi access guide (or IT Help Desk, 287-5050)

Phone System Quick Reference

Outlook, Lync and OneDrive
IT maintained knowledge base for set-up and use

Ricoh Copier Guide (PDF)

+ Instruction and classroom policies

Classroom management:

Contact Hours
See Faculty Contract Article 4.

Office Hours
See Faculty Contract Article 4.

Cancellation of Classes

Field Trips
See Policy 5-17(B)

Student Privacy (FERPA)
See Policy 7-05 and the "Student Privacy Rights" section of the College Catalog

Final Exams
See Academic Calendar for Exam Dates
Finals exams are not required, however, if giving a final, it must take place on it's scheduled date in the assigned room. Class must meet during the exam time.

Classroom Keycard Access

Student Conduct:

Honors Program

Service Learning

Room Requests

+ Student registration and attendance

Class Rosters
Current rosters are viewable in Cougarweb. Only students who are on a class roster are permitted to attend class.

Student Course Scheduling


See Office of the Registrar and College Catalog

Late Registration

Administrative Withdrawal Policy

Adding and Dropping Students

+ Grades and academic progress

Grade Definitions 

Blackboard Grade Center

Financial Aid Attendance Monitoring

Mid-term Progress Reporting
See Cougarweb Manual for guide to making progress reports

See guide for how to notify students of progress and refer them to support resources

Final Grade Entry
See Cougarweb Manual for guide to entering final grades

See College Catalog section "Grades and Academic Procedures"
Incompletes should be rare and given only when a student experiences an extraordinary circumstance. Students should be made aware this could effect financial aid because the student may appear as failing to complete two thirds of classes. Incomplete grades are changed by using the grade change form within 6 weeks after the beginning of the next term. After this, Incompletes turn to “E.”

Grade Changes
Should a grade change due to error in evaluation or recording be necessary, complete a Grade Change Form (found on the intranet under “General Interest Forms”) and give to the department chairperson for signature. No changes will be accepted over the phone or from a student. Questions should be directed to 287-2656.

Grade Grievances
See Policy and Procedures, No.5-09(D)(7) for the complete procedure

Release of Records and Transcripts 

Fresh Start Rule  
The Fresh Start Rule Petition is a process that will allow students who meet the requirements to have certain grades changed to a "Z" status from "E", or "D". See the Fresh start page for requirements.

+ Course materials and delivery systems

College Policy 5-10 (B) specifies required elements in the course syllabus and which items must use institutionally approved language (Academic Assessment, Code of Conduct, reasonable accommodation, emergency closings. financial aid reporting.) Some departments and courses may have additional required language. The syllabus is viewed as contract between student and faculty outlining the student's responsibilities and how the student will be assessed and graded. You are required to submit a copy of your syllabus to your department at the beginning of the term.

Guidelines/deadlines for pre-semester posting of syllabus and course calendar in Blackboard
See Faculty Contract Article 5

College Calendar 


Web and Blended Courses
Web courses are entirely online. Blended courses are mostly online with some face to face classes. Online students my take assessments in the Testing Center. Students beyond driving distance of a college testing facility may contact the Testing Center to locate an approved assessment proctor.

Standard Course Shell
College Distance Learning faculty have created a common distance course structure to bring consistency to online course interfaces. When designing a new online course, contact the Faculty Assistance Center to request a standard course shell (PDF screenshot)..

Intellectual Property
See "Article 9 – intellectual property" of the faculty contract.

Distance Learning Quality Review
Provides history, framework and procedures for a technical and academic quality review.

Distance Learning Lead Faculty  (PDF)
Described the roll of DL Lead Faculty

DL Faculty Fellows
See current list of Faculty Fellows.

College Policies and Procedures

+ Training and professional development

Full-Time Faculty Appraisal Process
A detailed description of appraisal and the promotion and tenure process can be found in the promotion and tenure handbook.


Request for Sabbatical Leave

+ Employment and benefits

+ Governance, leadership, initiatives and awards

Leadership/College Initiatives