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Adjunct Semester Contract Information

Forms and information

AU16 Contract Facts (Autumn Semester pay dates)
SP17 Contract Facts (Spring Semester pay dates)

Leave Request Form (Submit to Chair following sick leave)
Substitute Pay Form (Completed by sub. You locate sub with help of department)
Employment Benefits Summary (Discounts and opportunities)
Facility Key & Card Access Requests

Departmental Evaluation of Faculty

1st year Adjunct

Observed first semester by Chairperson, Peers, Lead Instructors or Coordinators

Years 2 and Thereafter

Observed once per year by Chairperson, Peers, Lead Instructors or Coordinators

The above timelines represent a minimum number of observations to be completed. Faculty or Chairpersons may increase these numbers as appropriate.

View a copy of Faculty Observation Report

View a copy of the Online Faculty Observation Report

Student Evaluation of Faculty

Student feedback for faculty is solicited quarterly by way of the Student Evaluation of Instruction Form in accordance with the following schedule:

  • Adjunct faculty should conduct student evaluations in one class, each of three consecutive quarters of employment from initial date of hire.
  • Subsequent evaluations should be conducted in alternate qsemesters of hire or at chairperson’s discretion.
Your chairperson, lead instructor or program coordinator can advise you on conducting evaluations.

View copy of the Traditional Classroom Student Evaluation Instruction form.

View copy of the Online Student Evaluation of Instruction form.