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CCSSE Survey


The Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE) is an assessment tool that provides information on student engagement, a key indicator of learning and, therefore, of the quality of community colleges. The survey, administered to community college students, asks questions that assess institutional practices and student behaviors that are correlated highly with student learning and student retention.

The Community College Faculty Survey of Student Engagement (CCFSSE) elicits information from faculty about their perceptions regarding students' educational experiences, their teaching practices, and the ways they spend their professional time—both in and out of the classroom. Faculty and students are asked similar questions enabling us to compare perceptions of engagement for faculty and students.

The Survey of Entering Student Engagement (SENSE) helps community and technical colleges focus on the “front door” of the college experience. Grounded in research about what works in retaining and supporting entering students, SENSE collects and analyzes data about institutional practices and student behaviors in the earliest weeks of college. These data can help colleges understand students’ critical early experiences and improve institutional practices that affect student success in the first college year.

2015 Surveys


Key Findings Report (PDF)
Published by CCSSE, this gives a summary of our overall engagement category scores, and highest and lowest survey item scores, compared to the cohort

Engagement Benchmarks (PDF)
Benchmarks are clusters of 8-12 survey items that are linked to high impact practices. This report consist of tables showing the college's scores on each benchmark compared to other extra large colleges and the survey cohort as a whole. (Here is an explanation of how benchmarks are calculated.)

Survey Frequencies (PDF)
This report contains all questions in the national survey. Frequency reports present the counts and percentages for each survey item, (excluding demographic survey items). These reports are useful for understanding how data are distributed across response categories. (For instance, how many students answer "often" or "very often" to a survey item.) We also have a report comparing us to other Achieving The Dream colleges (PDF)

Columbus State Community College Custom Survey Items (PDF)
Columbus State added 20 additional questions to the survey. The report shows the responses for all students and separation by self-reported enrollment status.

Promising Practices (PDF)
Report of student experience with practices for which there is emerging evidence of success: from the extant research and from multiple colleges with multiple semesters of data showing improvement on an array of metrics, such as retention and course completion.


Columbus State Faculty-Only Responses (PDF)
Contains frequency distributions for responses by full-time and adjunct faculty.

Columbus State Student and Faculty Comparisons (PDF)
Compares the frequencies for responses to similar survey items from the faculty and student surveys

Survey Cohort Reports
Responses from all faculty in the national CCFSSE survey (PDF)
Comparisons between all faculty and all students in the national survey (PDF)

For more survey data, excel files and custom reports, contact office of Institutional Effectiveness.