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CRAFT: College Resources for Advanced Faculty Training

CRAFT is a collection of faculty- and staff-led workshops that support faculty professional development and continuous improvement. Benefits for participants include:

  • Performance of Teaching & Assessment and Professional Activities for the promotion portfolio.
  • Opportunity to continually refine Teaching Philosophy statement and collect substantiating evidence.
  • Opportunity to engage faculty across disciplines to discuss and improve teaching
  • Engage in the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL)

Some classes can be combined into a sequence that can earn you a Certificate of Completion. To qualify for a certificate, a participant must:

1. Participate in required classes in the sequence (some may require a certain order)
2. Complete a simple action plan (.docx) for each class and have it approved by a workshop leader
3. Document the implementation (.docx) of one or more action plans from classes in a given sequence. (Complete within six months of the last sequence workshop taken.)

Current Certificate Sequences
(See course descriptions in certificate sections to the right.)

Cooperative Learning 1

ACL 01 Active, Collaborative and Cooperative: Increasing engagement for learning.

ACL02 Easy-to-implement cooperative learning

ACL03 Facilitating Classroom Cooperative Base Groups

ACL04 Critical Thinking and Cooperative Learning

Social Psychological Factors in Learning 1

SPF01 How to Reduce Stereotype Threat Effects in the Classroom

SPF02 Motivation to Learn

SPF03 Belonging and The First Generation Student




Student Mental Health

Level 1 (Three in any order)

SMH01 College Student Mental Health: "Let's Make a Connection"

SMH02 Identifying and Understanding Mental Health Disorders

SMH03 Dealing with Difficult Students

Level 2 (Level 1 plus these two)

SMH04 Behavior Intention and Threat Assessment Team

SMH05 QPR Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Training

Culturally Responsive Teaching 1

CRT01 Speed Diversity Dialogue®: A Multicultural Excellence Workshop

CRT02 Understanding Microaggressions In Daily Life: Identification, Interpretation, and Active Change

CRT03 Microaggressions II

CRT04 Being An Ally/Ideas Into Action

Culturally Responsive Teaching II

Gender Inclusivity

Prejudice and Discrimination (coming soon)

Stereotype Threat (see Social Psych sequence)

Future Sequences
Additional certificate sequences will be added each semester, Future sequence may include: Cognitive Psychological Factors in Learning, Assessment of Learning, Student Care and Self Assessment.

Have ideas for a class or sequence?  Workshops and follow-up must:

  • Be about evidence-based practice (backed by research and scholarship)
  • Have clear and realistic performance outcomes (“Participants will be able to…”)
  • Have content and activities that support achieving the learning outcomes
  • Provide feedback on participants’ action plans
  • Provide support for effective implementation

 Contact (287-2175 or to develop a workshop or sequence. See application form.

Current Schedule
See sequence and course descriptions in the sections above. No classes currently scheduled for the summer semester. For an update on faculty development programming, contact Tom Erney, 287-2532.