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Faculty Idea Exchange

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The Faculty Idea Exchange (FIX) is the Columbus State annual summer conference that provides a forum where faculty and staff can share and compare best teaching practices.  The FIX is hosted by the OAA Instructional Success Committee, and is held at the CSCC Center for Workforce Development at the Columbus State downtown campus.

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The 2017 edition of the FIX took place June 9th.It featured a keynote and plenary workshop by The Learning Scientists – Megan Smith, PhD and Cindy Wooldridge, PhD.  They are cognitive psychologists renowned for their research on education and authors of the popular blog by the same name. Their main focus is on the science of learning, including how to motivate students to study, investigate the use of effective study and teaching strategies, and decrease negative views of testing. They demonstrated the value of learning science to teaching and demonstrated six principles for learning that can be easily transfered from research to practice (example).

Columbus State Faculty and staff presented a nuber of sessions. Below are slides from some sessions. Below these is the full list of presenters.

How To Unlock the Learning Code -- Rich James and Felicia Smith

I Read It But I Don't Get It -- Linda Markels

The Science of Retrieval -- Sam Andriani

Learning Through Serving -- Heather Thompson-Gillis

Students Don't Know What They Don't Know -- Jeanette Ferguson

Smart Classrroms: Instructor Station and Document Camera - James Stewart

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 + Past FIX Conferences

FIX Logo The 2016 FIX was held on June 17 and the theme was "The Science of Teaching." The keynote speaker was Dr. James Lang, Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence at Assumption College and Series Editor for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.  Dr. Lang is also the author of several books about teaching, including Small Teaching: Everyday Lessons from the Science of Learning and Cheating Lessons. You can see video of Lang's previous visit to Columbus State where he discussed the relationship between how we teach and student academic integrity.

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The 2015 FIX focused on Critical Thinking with 16 faculty presentations and presentation by Ms. Connie Wolfe – Dean of Arts & Sciences at Surry Community College in Dobson, NC.

Ms. Wolfe is a leader of Surry’s critical thinking initiative. For the last ten years, she has consulted with many colleges in the development and implementation of critical thinking initiatives, and has worked in association with the Foundation for Critical Thinking.  

Here is a recording of Ms. Connie Wolf's keynote presentation Challenging Our Students and Ourselves to Think Critically.

(Scroll ahead to approximately 21:20 for an introduction of the FIX followed by Ms. Wolfe's keynote.)


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