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Faculty Launch! / Winter Warm-Up

Faculty Launch! (Autumn semester) and Winter Warm Up (Spring semester) are pre-semester opportunities to explore topics in pedagogy, assessment and student support. These events serve as new full-time faculty orientations and continuing professional development days for current faculty. While core topics are a consistent part of the program, others agenda items vary to reflect current opportunities and focus areas for faculty and the college. Check this page for updated topics in the weeks leading up Autumn and Spring semesters. Past topics have included:

  •  The Teaching Behaviors Checklist self-assessment
  • Lessons for learning from cognitive and social science
  • Qualities of Successful Students
  • Student Conduct
  • Walking in our students shoes via “The Finish Line” game
  • Disability Services
  •  Columbus State Education Association
  • Tenure and Promotion
  • Health Benefits Q&A

Autumn 2016

Autumn 2016 Launch! concluded on Monday, August 22nd. Because there were a large number new full-time faculty, this session was restricted to new full-time faculty only.

Contact Rich James (x2175) for more information.


Evidence-based practice jigsaw articles

 Stay tuned for information on Spring Semester Faculty Winter Warm-Up!