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What is Yammer?
It is internal social network: an online environment for discussion and conversation. It can support teamwork and collaboration by enabling you to solicit and contribute ideas and information.

How do I join?
Yammer is part is Office 365 so you are already a member.  Log in to web mail at Open the application menu in the top left corner. Click the Yammer icon.

How do I use it?
Communicate with everyone by typing in the box that says "What are you working on?" Post a link to an article, ask a question, share an idea, and/or attach a file. You can view and reply to previous posts. You communicate within a particular group by selecting the group from the menu on the top left. You can create a new group by clinking the "Create a new group" link on the lower left. 

Is there a group dedicated to teaching and learning?Teaching Group Logo
Yes! Look for the group "Teaching: Art, Craft and Science." Join it to see the threads related to articles, workshops and more. Add your own!

Is there "an app for that?"

You can download an app for accessing yammer on a mobile device or your desktop (look under the "…" on the top left side).