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Academic Pathways

Academic Pathways provides oversight of review and implementation of both Arts and Sciences and Career and Technical Programs' pathways to insure maximum alignment with four year institutions and two year degrees. Responsibilities include:
  • Review existing pathways documents for alignment purposes
  • Review the programs and degrees that potentially align with both two and four year degrees to determine whether separate pathways are needed for students with either two or four year degree aspirations
  • Review, with appropriate Student Affairs representation, the presentation and advising related to pathway programs

Committee Members
Crystal Clark, Co-Chair, Arts & Sciences, ENGL
Jeff Bates, Co-Chair, Career & Tech, CSET
David Tom, Arts & Sciences, PSYCH
Lee Wayand, Arts & Sciences, MATH
Susan Abdel Gawad, Arts & Sciences, SOC  
Jennifer Nardone, Arts & Sciences, HUM  
Sharon Stickley, Arts & Sciences, HUM  
Marcia Brandt, Career & Tech, BUSINESS PROGS.
Cathy Bill, Arts & Sciences, BIO
Amy Weber, Career & Tech, NURSING  
Barry Young, Career & Tech, HOSP
Jonathan Krabill, Career & Tech, BUSINESS PROGS.

Agenda                            Minutes

January 11, 2012              January 11, 2012
February 8, 2012               February 8, 2012
April 11, 2012                    April 11, 2012
June 5, 2012                     June 5, 2012

• Committee Charter