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Academic Pathways

Academic Pathways facilitates alignment with baccalaureate-granting institutions; investigates how students decide on a major, make decisions along their academic journey, and transition into work force or advanced education; identifies access as well as barriers to student success; and assists in the dissemination and communication of transfer opportunities. 

Committee Members (AU '19)
Susan Abdel-Gawad, A&S, Social Sciences 
Cathy Bill, A&S. Biological and Physical Sciences (Co-Chair)
Crystal Clark, A&S, English 
Sharon Stickley, A&S, Biological and Physical Sciences 
Lee Wayand, A&S, Mathematics  
Jeff Bates, BET, Environmental Science, Safety and Health  
Marcia Brandt, BET, Business Management 
Jonathan Krabill, BET, Business Management
Annie Parsons, BET, Geographic Information Systems
Diane Fidelibus, HHS, Human Services (Co-Chair) 
Tara Rohr, HHS, Nursing
Barry Young, HHS, Hospitality Management