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Academic Rules & Policies

Academic Rules and Policies monitors and reviews college rules, policy, and procedure directly related to academic undertakings; collaborates with stakeholders across the college regarding consideration of suggested changes to rules, policy, and procedure; and facilitates consideration of suggested changes to rules, policy, and procedure to the Office of Academic Affairs for consideration by the Board of Trustees.  

Committee Members (AU '19)

  • Dylan Canter, A&S, English
  • Julie Cronk, A&S, Biological and Physical Sciences 
  • Jessica Lickeri, A&S, Mathematics
  • Kristin Montgomery, A&S, Mathematics 
  • Jennifer Nardone, A&S, Humanities (Co-Chair)
  • Erica Swarts, A&S, Social Sciences
  • Cheryl Vaughn, A&S, Biological and Physical Sciences
  • Henry Bawden, BET, Integrated Media
  • Gene Sprang, BET, Construction Sciences
  • Patricia Allen (HHS), Nursing (Co-Chair)  
  • Jackie Miller, HHS, Nursing
  • Diane Souza, HHS, Sport & Exercise Studies and Hospitality