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The purpose of the OAA Faculty Assessment Committee is to lead academic assessment at the College to meet students’ learning needs. The primary goal of the committee is to work with the Assessment Faculty Fellows and the Division Assessment Committees to deliver an assessment model that can be utilized by the College to improve student learning. The primary objective is the creation of a process for assessment of the general education goals and outcomes, program outcomes, and course outcomes.

Committee Members (AU '19)
Sandy Drakatos, A&S, Humanities (Co-Chair)   
Stephen Logan, A&S, English
Philip Maclean, A&S, Mathematics
Adam Moskowitz, A&S, Social Sciences
John Nedel, A&S, Mathematics
Charles Kassor, BET, Engineering Technology                                  
Steve Levin, BET, Automotive Technology
Adele Wright, BET, Engineering Technology (Co-Chair)
Angela Fry, HHS, Human Services
April Martin, HHS, Nursing