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Curriculum utilizes Curricunet to perform reviews of all proposed significant curriculum changes, including changes to courses and programs; monitors the impact of proposed curricula changes across existing programs; and offers input to department and division curriculum committees prior to “launch” of Curricunet proposal.

Committee Members (AU '19) 

  • Bree Frick, A&S, Psychology
  • Brent Funderburk, A&S, Social Sciences
  • Marc Lord, A&S, Biological and Physical Sciences (Co-Chair)
  • Alesa Mansfield, A&S, Humanities
  • Darrell Minor, A&S, Mathematics
  • Michael Schumacher, A&S, Psychology
  • James Hofe, HHS, Nursing
  • Carla Mayers-Bletsch, HHS, Vet, Imaging and Surgical Tech
  • Jack McCoy, HHS, Fire Science
  • Tamara Montgomery, HHS, Nursing (Co-Chair)