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Honors develops a process for honors course proposals, course criteria, and associated forms; develops and offers training programs for honors faculty; organizes information visits at other Ohio community colleges; develops admission criteria and application process; develops marketing/recruiting strategy; defines criteria for “graduating with honors”; develops a student cohort tracking system; develops transfer relationships with partner institutions; creates and identifies honors scholarship opportunities; leads and oversees the administration of Phi Theta Kappa; develops criteria, nomination and selection process, and awards ceremony for student award opportunity that recognizes individuals who embody the “spirit” of Columbus State; collaborates with division honors committees and honors director.

Committee Members (AU '19)
Rachel Brooks-Pannell, A&S, English
Brent Funderburk, A&S, Social Sciences
Paul Graves, A&S, Humanities (Co-Chair)
Steve Kaczmarek, A&S, English      
Irene Petten, A&S, Social Sciences                            
Guadapule Pina, A&S, Social Sciences
Rita Rice, A&S, English (Co-Chair)
Jonathan Krabill, BET, Business Programs
Scott Gano, HHS, Justice and Safety
Susan Poling, HHS, Nursing