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Instructional Success

Instructional Success examines and evaluates pedagogical research in all modes of instruction; conveys to faculty and other stakeholders evidence-based instructional strategies; plans and hosts an annual professional development conference (Faculty Idea Exchange), focusing on the sharing of research and best practices; promotes excellence in learning and teaching, emphasizing the College’s General Education Outcomes; creates tools to enhance instructional and student success; fosters an environment for faculty self-reflection and continuing education through additional professional development opportunities; collaborates with faculty, staff, academic committees, and non-academic committees whose charges and interests coincide with the Instructional Success Committee; advocates for student success initiatives leading to students’ completion of comprehensive degree requirements. 

Committee Members (AU '19)  
Mark Bocija, A&S, Humanities
Don Bruce, A&S, English
Ron Elizaga, A&S, Psychology
Tracy Koski, A&S, English (Co-Chair)
Edgar Velez, A&S, Humanities
Mike Wright, A&S, English
Mike Greer, BET, Computer Science      
Margaret Owens, BET, Construction Science
Jennifer Mauck, HHS, Nursing
Patricia May-Woods, HHS, Early Childhood Education (Co-Chair)