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Promotion & Tenure

Promotion and Tenure Process oversees all aspects of the current promotion and tenure process, including the implementation of current policies and procedures, the presentation of workshops, and the creation of yearly timelines; responds to evolving administrative, contractual, or technological concerns by drafting revisions to the relevant policies and/or procedures, modifying the process as needed, and updating the Promotion and Tenure Handbook and all relevant informational materials; meets with department, division, or college committees as needed;  answers questions related to the process; administers digital portfolios; and consults with other committees on issues relating to promotion and tenure.

Committee Members (AU '19)

  • Holly Finnegan, A&S, English (Co-Chair)
  • Heather Johnston, A&S, Psychology
  • Leslie Smith, A&S, Mathematics (Fellow)
  • Ellen Stadler, A&S, Mathematics
  • Jeremy Banta, BET, Engineering and transport
  • Dan Hare, HHS, Justice/Safety/Legal Studies
  • Tom Shanahan, HHS, Justice/Safety/Legal Studies (Fellow)
  • Fauna Stout, HHS, Allied Health (Co-Chair)