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Promotion & Tenure

This committee will provide review, oversight and monitoring of the tenure and promotion standards, processes, and procedures at the college. Tasks will include:

  • Review, in consultation with Deans and Chairs as appropriate, of current standards, policies, and procedures, and make recommendations for change if necessary.
  • Review Annual Appraisal process and align it with the timing and purposes of the tenure and promotion processes.
  • Develop process to monitor the outcomes of the tenure and promotion decisions.
  • Examine the impact of the current tenure and promotion policy on Senior Professors.
  • Examine the impact of tenure and promotion policies on hiring policies and procedures.

Note: Because the selection of members of the Tenure and Promotion Committee is detailed in a Memorandum of Understanding that is part of the Contract between the Columbus State Education Association and Columbus State Community College, the membership of this committee will follow the provisions of that memorandum rather than use the voluntary process by which other committees were formed.  

Holly Finnegan, Co-Chair, Arts & Sciences, DEV ED  
Heather Johnston, Arts & Sciences, PSYCH 
Kevin James, Arts & Sciences, MATH
Ellen Stadler, Arts & Sciences, DEV ED
Thomas Shanahan, Career & Tech, JUSTICE & SAFETY, Faculty Fellow, ex-officio
Leslie Smith, Arts & Sciences, MATH, Faculty Fellow, ex-officio

•   Committee Charter  
•   The Tenure and Promotion webpage