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Service Learning

Service Learning considers ways of improving the quality of the undergraduate experience through engaging students in teaching, research, and/or service activities, with particular attention to the role of service-learning as an effective strategy for engaging faculty, students, and community members in community-based teaching, learning, and inquiry; promotes service learning on campus; solicits and reviews service learning course designation proposals; monitors service learning academic program; and plans annual service-learning conference and other professional development sessions.

Committee Members (AU '19)  
Anjali Gupta, A&S, Biological and Physical Sciences
Randy Mogg, A&S, Physical Sciences
Shauna Sowga, A&S, Social Sciences
Heather Thompson-Gillis, A&S, English (Co-Chair)
Lisa Briggs, BET, Business Programs
Amy Popovich, BET, Business Programs (Co-Chair)
Terrie Stolte, BET, Accounting
Dan Collins, HHS, Allied Health