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Grants Office

grants process diagramThe Grants Office is the single point of contact for all grant proposal development; all proposals submitted by the College should flow through the office. Keep in mind that a grant proposal, when accepted, is a legally binding contract. Working with the Grants Office protects you and the College.

Grants Office Mission

The Columbus State Community College Grants Office will be a recognized national leader in securing funding and a campus leader in stimulating advancement through:

  • the empowerment, support and education of faculty, staff, and the administration in successful grant proposal development and management;
  • effective stewardship of funded projects to serve and protect the college; and
  • integration of all internal and external stakeholders in a proactive, connected approach to grant initiatives.


  • Grants provide venture capital to help you advance your program.
  • Grants provide monetary funding for a variety of disciplines.
  • Grants can fund very small initiatives or very large projects.
  • Colleges and the project staff who receive government grants will find it easier to raise additional money from other government and private sources.
  • Grants can be prestigious and give you and the College credibility and public recognition.


  • Grants are competitive. There are many organizations going after the same funding.
  • Preparing grant proposals (especially federal grants) require extensive time for research, planning, and writing.
  • Grants have requirements to spend the funds according to regulations and laws.
  • Grants have a set of rules to demand certain activities must be included in any project to be funded.

The Grants Office has policies and procedures to help successfully navigate the requirements of grants development and management to benefit from state, federal, and private grant funding.

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