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Orientation and Onboarding

All Staff and Administrators

Full-day orientations are offered on the first work day of every month. Employees hired in the middle of the month must attend a half-day session to ensure they receive relevant training and access to college systems. This applies to full and part-time employees. The part-time employee schedule is modified, however, so they attend only for information relevant to part-time status.

All New employees regardless of start date

Register for Full Day Orientation (Full-Time)

Register for Full Day Orientation (Part-Time)

New employees with mid-month start date only

Register for mid-moth orientation (Full-Time)

Register for mid-moth orientation (Part-Time)

Orientation Topics

Topics covered at New Hire Orientation for Full-Time Employees

  • Review of Health and Life Insurance Benefits    
  • Leave Time
  • Employee Assistance Program/Health and Wellness       

 For Both Full and Part-Time Employees:

  • College Overview
  • College History, Mission & Vision
  • College Structure/Org Chart, USO, Strategic Goals
  • EEO/Title IX/Diversity    
  • Review of Retirement Benefits
  • IT           
  • Ethics/Public Employment          
  • Performance Management        
  • Safety                                  
  • Cougar Web, Blackboard and Computer Systems                             
  • Web Time Entry, Outlook, CougarWeb, Blackboard Intranet, Website

On and Beyond

In order for newly hired and transferring employees to arrive and thrive, Human Resource has compiled an Onboarding Checklist to help managers ensure their new team members are prepared to make a successful start. Managers of new and transferring employees will use the checklist to ensure that employees:

1)    Quickly and effectively learn their new job role
2)    Acquire relevant resources, training and support
3)    Learn organizational and department culture
4)    Acquire a sense of self-efficacy in doing their job
5)    Develop relationships with team-members and college colleagues

New administrative leaders will also receive the "Making Connections Directory." This is a directory of college divisions and departments and the leaders or key contacts in each. The directory can be used to identify key internal partners to meet in first weeks and months of employment to develop effective working relationships.

College Knowledge

Whether you are a new or long-term employee, keeping up with changes and new faces can be a challenge. To help employees connect to and learn about different college services, resources and initiatives, the Human Resources Department is offering the College Knowledge Series.

College Knowledge sessions will highlight a different college division every month and will be an opportunity for anyone, but particularly new-to-the-college employees, to come and listen, learn, ask questions and talk about how we can collaboratively support that division’s work to ensure student success. Each college division will host a session twice a year. Each offering will be provide updates on organizational changes and new initiatives. Register for College Knowledge here. Below is the annual schedule:




Academic Affairs


Enrollment Management and Student Services


Marketing and Communication


Information Technology


Human Resources


Business and Administrative Services