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Professional Development

Professional Development and Retention provides a variety of professional development opportunities and resources to meet the needs of Columbus State employees.  In addition to classroom training sessions, we offer webinars and online training courses for your convenience. For current course offerings, visit

Other Opportunities

Focus Early Alert System
For faculty and staff using or who want to use the FOCUS academic early alert system to monitor student progress and enhance communication.

Columbus State Employee Tuition Fee Waivers
For registering for Columbus State classes and applying the employee and dependent fee waiver.

Current Catalog of Programs

Win With Your Strengths

Everyone has strengths. Recognizing and tapping into them to reach larger goals can lead to increased job satisfaction, performance, productivity and success.  For more information contact Barbara Allen at ext 5297.

Put Your Strengths to Work

Now that you know your top five Strengths, what's next? "Win with Your Strengths" taught us that we will grow most in our areas of greatest strength. In this half-day class, you will gain a deeper understanding of the strengths based philosophy as you continue along your journey of self-awareness and personal growth. In addition, you will learn six proven strategies that help leverage your own unique strengths as well as the strengths of others on your team. For more information contact Barbara Allen at ext. 5297.

Managing with Strengths

Prerequisite: Have completed Win with Your Strengths and is currently a supervisor/manager/ administrator at CSCC

 This workshop will explore ways managers can use their strengths and the strengths of their employees to impact employee loyalty and productivity. The session will study managers who effectively use strengths to hire, focus, motivate, and develop employees and ultimately impact employee engagement and performance.   Participants will begin to develop strategies for managing employees using a strengths-based approach.

Career Decision-Making Using the MBTI

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator can increase awareness of your personality style to better manage career decisions throughout the course of your career. When selecting, transitioning, or growing your career, understanding personality type can help explain why some careers feel like a good fit and others are a challenge. Your MBTI results can help you understand past careers and select a future career that best suits your personality. Participants will complete the assessment prior to the class and receive their results during the session. If you have previously taken the assessment, please provide your results prior to the class so materials can be prepared.

Introduction to Hostmanship: Customer Service and Leadership Reframed: The Art of Serving Others

"Hostmanship in the art of making people feel welcome.  Meetings where genuine hospitality is present and has its origin in that person, that organization or that place that has invited you.  Good Hostmanship means understanding the art of serving and realizing how much it enriches our lives."

Jan Gunnarsson, a hospitality industry veteran from Sweden in his book Hostmanship co-authored with Olle Blohm, challenges individuals to reframe their views of customer service and leadership.  At its core, Hostmanship invites us to rethink the customer service experience seeing ourselves as connected to the customer as host.  This shift transforms the interaction creating a "welcoming attitude" where we are able to share ourselves and our knowledge with our guests in every interaction. 

In this introduction to Hostmanship, we will discuss its foundation and principles as well as its application for personal and professional growth.

Hostmanship 2:  Taking Hostmanship to the next level
Hostmanship authors Jan Gunnarsson and Olle Blohm, invite us to re-think our definition of customer service to see every encounter not merely a transactional experience but one to genuinely connect. Hostmanship encourages us to ask what happens when we become hosts and see every interaction as an opportunity to treat ourselves, colleagues and others as guests.  We become engaged, present and active building connection, satisfaction and engagement.In Hostmanship 2, we build upon this understanding developing practical applications and connections to weave Hostmanship in our daily practice with our customers.
Prerequisite:  Hostmanship

From Boss to Host

As a companion book to Jan Gunnarson and Olle Blohm's Hostmanship, Boss to Host defines leadership simply as "guiding others to a better place".  Through a Hostmanship perspective, leaders are invited to consider "the art of welcoming leadership" focusing on how welcoming leadership can play a decisive role in successful organizations. 
Prerequisite:  Hostmanship