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Guidelines for Campus Closures/Holidays

Type of Closure Full-Time Employees Part-Time Employees College/Federal Work Study Adjuncts

Emergency Full-Day Closure (up to 3 days per semester)

Paid Paid for scheduled hours Not compensated Paid for scheduled hours
Emergency Partial-Day Closure Paid

Paid for hours worked and/or scheduled

Paid only for hours Worked

Paid for scheduled hours
Scheduled Closure/Holiday Paid

Not compensated unless hours are made up prior to closure with advance supervisor approval

Not compensated Paid for scheduled hours

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Will I be compensated during an emergency campus closure?

A:  In the event of the College’s operations being interrupted for not more than three days per semester, employees will be compensated, according to the grid provided, at their normal rate of pay for the interrupted period.  

Q:  What is the difference between an emergency and a scheduled campus closure?

A:  Emergency closures are unexpected times that the campus must close for the safety of the employees and the students. Some examples may include hazardous weather conditions, power outage, gas leak, etc. Scheduled campus closures are known and communicated in advance.

Q:  How will I be compensated if I am required to work during a campus closure? 

A:  Non-exempt staff employees required to work during this period will be compensated at time and one-half for hours worked over the forty hour normal work week. Union employees will be compensated per their contract.

Q:  What if I live in an area under a Level III condition and the college remains open?

A:  Employees who live in an area under a Level III condition will be compensated, according to the grid, for up to two workdays if the College remains open.  After two workdays, employees must use available paid leave in order to receive compensation for days off.

Q:  How will I be made aware of an emergency campus closure?

A:  While every attempt is made to communicate to all employees when the College must close, delay or cancel classes, it is the employee’s responsibility to listen to the radio, television, etc. or sign-up for the Colleges Emergency Alert (RAVE) system which can send texts/voicemails/emails by visiting:

Q:  How do I record my time in the event of a campus closure versus a holiday?

A:  For non-exempt employees, when recording hours in web-time entry that were not actual hours worked, please indicate the number of hours under the holiday code, when applicable. For campus closures, choose the heading, “Other time hours,” then click on the drop down box that says, “Other time types” and select “Campus closing.”

Q:  What if I had approved vacation or sick time for a day(s) that campus was closed?

A:  If an employee had previously approved sick, personal or vacation time, they will not be required to use their leave on the day the College was closed. However, it is the employee’s responsibility to correct their leave balances by submitting the applicable revision to payroll via web time entry for hourly employees or a revised leave form for salaried employees.

Q:  What if I was out of the office on Family Medical Leave (FML) during the campus closure?

A:  Employees who are out on Family Medical Leave (FML) during a campus closure should send an email to to request an adjustment to their pay and FML hours bank.

Q:  What if I am scheduled to teach a class that was interrupted due to a delayed start?

A:   In the event of a delayed start, classes begin when campus re-opens, even if the beginning of the class was missed.

Q:   I have heard that emergency personnel need to report during some campus closures? Who is defined as “emergency personnel?”

A:  Depending upon the reason for the closure, certain employees would be considered emergency personnel. This may include, but not necessarily limited to, members of Cabinet, Information Technology, Facilities, and Police. If you are unsure whether or not you need to report to work, check with your supervisor. 

Q:  In what policy/procedure might I find information regarding campus closures?

A:  For more information on campus closures, please refer to Policy and Procedure 3-16.