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Applicant Tracking

Cornerstone Applicant Tracking System Launched

(Revised 4/8/15)

On December 15th, 2014, we launched Cornerstone, the college's new Applicant Tracking System replacing COOL/PeopleAdmin. 

Cornerstone has robust capabilities that will advance the College’s objectives towards increased efficiency and effectiveness. (View a demo video.) Cornerstone is an affiliate of Colleague/Datatel, and ultimately the two systems will be integrated in a way that will allow for a seamless transfer of an applicant into the status of an employee. While some of Cornerstone’s more advanced features will be rolled out over time, immediate highlights are listed below.

For applicants:

  • An intuitive and user friendly web-based interface
  • LinkedIn profiles can be uploaded to apply for Columbus State positions
  • Resume data is automatically uploaded
  • Alerts can be set to notify applicants whenever a job opens that is of interest
  • Emails and offer letters can be received, signed and returned through the system

For hiring managers, search committees and HR team:

  • Ads can be posted automatically to job boards
  • Interview questions and applicant evaluations are processed through the system
  • Capability for a completely paperless recruitment process
  • Outlook calendar integration for scheduling efficiency  
  • Collaborative management of questions, evaluations, ratings and rankings
  • Centralized communication functionality for emails, offer letters, notifications etc.  
  • Capability for skill-set searches of the entire applicant database
  • Analytics and reporting functionality

For employees:

  • Employees can easily email or post positions to social networks to encourage others to apply
  • Alerts on new postings based upon specified areas of interest  
  • Capability to build talent profiles (similar to LinkedIn)

Please watch for more details in the Update and through direct emails. If you have any questions, please contact Lynda Anderson-Casey, Executive Director of Employment Services at ext. 5078 or send general inquiries to

“Cornerstone Recruiting Cloud” demo