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Why performance management?
myPLAN Cycle and Milestones

myPLAN supports employees in documenting performance on Key Responsibilities and Goals throughout the year. Employees and managers can update progress on goals, exchange feedback, and create, modify, and cancel goals as needed. This documentation supports:

1) identifying employee professional development objectives and
2) conducting a cumulative performance self- and manager-review at the end of the rating period.

This graphic depicts the current performance cycle:

Why Document Performance?

There are many reasons to document progress on Goals and Key Responsibilities that benefit the employee and the College. Improved performance, relationships and decision-making are just a few. Read more about the benefits of documenting performance on the Goals page.

How Do I Write Goals and Key Responsibilities?

Major routine job duties are called Key Responsibilities. Goals are time- and outcome-bound work related to your role, your professional development and your service to the College. See the Goals page for help with writing Key Responsibilities and Goals and how to enter them in the Cornerstone Performance Management system.

When and How Do I Document Performance?

When? Anytime! How? A record of performance documentation is maintained in the Cornerstone Performance Management system. See the tutorials and user guides for directions on how to use the system. For tips on what to include in your documentation and when, see these recommendations on the Goals page.

How Is Performance Evaluated?

At the end of the performance cycle, employees conduct a cumulative self-review and are reviewed by their managers. Based on collected documentation and other communication between employee and manager, each rates performance using a four point scale.

How Else Are Employees Evaluated?

There are five core competencies which have been identified as critical for all positions at the college. There are two additional competencies for managers. Employees also conduct a cumulative self-review on these competencies and are additionally reviewed by their managers.