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Cougar Paws and Profile

Maintaining your Universal Profile

Your Universal Profile page is where you can:
• Maintain a searchable resume
• Send and view Cougar Paws (kudos messages)
• View archived documents

See the User Guide for the Universal Profile and the tutorial below for guidance on maintaining your profile.

Sending Cougar Paws to colleagues

Employees have an opportunity to recognize an accomplishment or contribution made by a fellow employee by sending a badge or “Cougar Paw” from myPLAN.  

Peer-to-peer recognition has many benefits:  It instills a sense of team spirit, motivates employees to do great work, and promotes open ness and transparency. And recognition from peers can have a very powerful impact!

Recognized employees receive e-mail notification and can view the recognition from their Universal Profile. See the User Guide for Sharing Kudos and the tutorial below for guidance on sending and view Cougar Paws.

2016 Cougar Paw Recipients