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Performance Review

Preparing for the Performance Review

(Annotated Timeline [PDF], Print version of READY. SET, REVIEW)

myPLAN Cycle and Milestones


Getting READY

Make sure all the 2017 work you want evaluated is described in your goals and key responsibilities (KRs). You can still add, edit, update and cancel goals and KRs for 2017. Do this before starting your review.

For help: See “How to create, edit, cancel, approve and document goals,” and “How to write Goals and Key Responsibilities in SMART format.”  New or edited goals must be approved by your manager in order for you to update progress and review them in the self-review.


1) On January 1, the Goals display in Cornerstone will default to the 2018 performance year. To see 2017 goals, switch your view to “Previous Period.”

2) Think goals you have written are “missing” from your review?

  1. If they are still in “Draft” status they will not appear. Submit the goals for approval.
  2. Goals "Pending Approval" will not appear. Remind your manager to approve them.
  3. They may have been written in a Planning Guide that was not approved. You will have to recreate those items.

3) Have the same KRs as last year? You can Advance or Copy 2016 items to 2017. Switch your goals view date range to reflect the 2016 performance year. Then Copy or Advance the KR or goal to 2017. See the “How to create ….“ guide above.

4) Have goals that overlap review years? This is perfectly acceptable but note that those items will appear in reviews for both years. For instance, if you were reviewed in 2016 for a goal that ends in 2017, that goal will appear in the 2017 review. Review this item based on your 2017 work. Avoid having a duplicate goal for the 2017 work.

5) Didn’t document any work with comments and attachments in 2017? You can do so before the review but, at this point, you may want to save describing your work for the comments box in the review. If, however, you want to add attachments for a goal or KR, add that before reviewing that item.

6) Still struggling to define what is an appropriate KR, operational, professional development or service goal? See the “How to write Goals…” guide above.

Getting SET

See this guide for finding and navigating the review.

See this guide describing the review process and due dates.

Have more than one manager this year or have an employee who worked under another manager? You can add a Co-Planner to conduct part or all of the review. See this guide.

When is the review due? See the timeline.


For help: See this guide for “Completing the Self-Review” and, for managers, “Manager Review of Employees.” Also look on the “Events Calendar” (found under “Learning” inside Cornerstone) to register for a class or myPLAN open lab for one on one help. See this guide to registering.

New this year.

You may see goal ratings from the previous review. Why? The review pulls in all goals and key responsibilities that have start or end dates in 2017. If you were rated on a goal or key responsibility in 2016 that had an end date in 2017 it will appear in the 2017 review. The system thinks you were working on it in 2017. Review this goal or key responsibility based on the work done in 2017.

You will see competency ratings and comments from previous years. As long as the competency review remains the same you will see past comments and ratings.


Review the universal competencies before starting the review. When you conduct your self-rating of goals and key responsibilities, look for opportunities to describe how your work reflects these competencies.

When conducting your competency review, it is acceptable (and encouraged) to describe your work on goals and key responsibilities. Goals and key responsibilities should provide the examples for how you demonstrate competencies. It is also acceptable the same work can evidence for more than one competency.

Review the rating scale before starting the review. The rating scale provides criteria for each rating. Work that achieves what was described and documented in the goal or key responsibility is a candidate for an “Accomplished” rating. Avoid the use of “NA.”

Use the optional Significant Accomplishments section to write a summary and re-emphasize any notable items. (Significant Accomplishments will appear as “NA” in the summary. It is not calculated in the review).

Video Tutorial: Steps to Completing a Self-Review

For detailed instructions see the Completing a Review Guide under "User Guides for Employees and Managers."

(Note: There is no sound with this video.)

Video Tutorial: Additional Options for Manager Review of Employee(s)

The manager review of employees is the same process as described above with the few additions noted in the brief video below. For detailed instructions see the Manager Review of Employee Guide under "User Guides for Employees and Managers."

(Note: There is no sound with this video.)