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Frequently asked payroll questions:

 Can I earn overtime? (click to expand/hide)

All staff employees who are defined as non-exempt in current wage-hour regulations as they apply to the college are eligible for overtime compensation. Per Policy and Procedures, overtime is defined as time worked in excess of forty (40) hours in any week beginning at 12:01 a.m. on Sunday and ending at 11:59 p.m. on the following Saturday. Accrued vacation, sick, personal business leave, court service and holidays will be credited to the forty (40) hours for the purpose of overtime. The rate of overtime compensation will be one and one-half times the employee's regular rate of pay, calculated on an hourly basis for every hour worked over forty (40) hours, within the work week. (Policy No. 3-06)

 When will I be paid? (click to expand/hide)

We pay on a semi-monthly basis, which means employees are paid twice per month. For example, if you started employment on 10/01 – 10/15, you will receive pay on 10/31. If you started on 10/16 – 10/31, you will receive pay on 11/15 and so forth. If payday happens to fall on a weekend or holiday, employees will be paid the business day before the fifteenth or last day of the month. If you currently serve as an adjunct, adjunct faculty pay follows a modified schedule. Please see the adjunct page for more details.

 Will my first pay go direct deposit, or will I have a paper check to pick up? (click to expand/hide)

All employees will need to come to the payroll office to pick up their first check. Once your direct deposit information has been processed, your account information takes one full pay to test, therefore a paper check is issued. We do a trial run to the bank where we verify your routing number and your account number to make sure there are no errors when we transmit your actual paycheck. If the test runs smoothly, your pay will be direct deposited on the second pay. The payroll office is located in Rhodes Hall Room 227 in the Business and Services Office.

 How many bank accounts can I set up for direct deposit? (click to expand/hide)

Employees can have up to three accounts set up, with one being a primary account and two being additional accounts. You can find both the Direct Deposit Primary and Additional Authorization forms on the forms link.

 How do I cancel my direct deposit? (click to expand/hide)

You must fill out a direct deposit cancellation form which is located on the forms page. We must receive this form the business day after pay day to ensure your direct deposit does not go to this account for the upcoming pay.

 How do I update or change tax, banking, and other personal information? (click to expand/hide)

You can find all tax, banking and other pertinent payroll forms located on the payroll forms link. We must have all forms submitted to payroll the next business day following payday to ensure the changes will take effect the following pay. Please be aware that filling out a “Name and Address” change form with Human Resources will not change or update your current payroll tax information. We must receive a new W-4, IT-4, and Municipality form if any of your tax information has changed.

 How often can I change my taxes? (click to expand/hide)

You can change your taxes as often as you would like. Every time you wish to make changes to your taxes, we will need an updated W-4, IT-4, or municipality form.

 When are time cards, payroll action forms, substitution forms, meeting pays, Letter of Agreements, and other payroll related paper work due? (click to expand/hide)

Paperwork must be submitted and received to payroll on payday or the next business day after payday for any payments on the next pay. This will ensure that the paperwork is processed for the upcoming pay.

 Where can I check my leave balance? (click to expand/hide)

You can check your leave balance on CougarWeb under the Employee Profile tab by clicking on the “Leave Plan Summary” link. It is updated each pay, therefore, it is not on real time.

 Who should I contact if I cannot log on to CougarWeb? (click to expand/hide)

If you cannot log on to CougarWeb, you should contact the IT Help Desk at Extension 5050. If you have problems accessing web-time entry, this may be a payroll issue and you should contact an employee in the payroll department to resolve the problem.

 Who should I contact if I have missed the deadline for web-time entry? (click to expand/hide)

If an employee has missed the cutoff for web-time entry, they should immediately contact their supervisor for assistance. A supervisor may still be able to enter in an employee’s time through CougarWeb if an employee has missed their deadline. If a supervisor is unable to enter in an employee’s time, the supervisor should contact Payroll so that the time can be processed manually.