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Day of Service FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the
2018 Day of Service


1. What is Day of Service and why are we doing this?

Day of Service will be held on Tuesday, September 18.  We will fan out through the community to perform all types of service projects!

Community and civic engagement is at the core of our strategic agenda, and we interact as a college and individually on many levels to support our students and our community.  Our Day of Service provides an ideal opportunity for the college to come together in a large-scale demonstration of our commitment to service.


2. When and where is Day of Service?

Day of Service will kick-off with a continental breakfast of sausage, egg and cheese biscuits, muffins, a variety of greek yogurt parfaits, coffee and tea.

From each campus, employees will then proceed to the location they have chosen to volunteer. Employees and students can also go directly to their service site.

Columbus Campus:  Employees will convene at 7:30 a.m. in the Courtyard at the Christopher Columbus Statue for the breakfast and last minute instructions.

Delaware Campus:  Employees will convene in Moeller Hall, rooms 111 and 112, at 7:30 a.m. for breakfast.


3. Who can participate?

All full-time and part-time employees are encouraged to participate in the Day of Service.

Part-time employees are encouraged to participate and will be compensated for the equivalent number of hours while volunteering as regularly scheduled to work. Enter the “College Closed” code into web time entry when recording volunteer hours.

Adjunct Faculty can also participate on a non-paid basis, if requested in advance.

Students may also participate.

Are employees who perform essential services on campus able to participate?
Some employees in Facilities Management, Campus Police, and Information Technology may be unable to participate.  Check with your supervisor if you have questions about your participation.


4.  Are we required to participate in Day of Service?

While your involvement is very much encouraged, you may choose not to participate in Day of Service.  In this instance, you will be expected to work your normal hours at the college, or take vacation leave for the full day.


5.  Will attendance be taken?

Each community service project will have a Team Leader who will be responsible for signing-in the team members on site.  Normal procedures for sick leave or other absences will be followed on this day, similar to a normal work day.


6.  What kind of service projects will be available?  Do I have to leave campus for a project?

More than 50 different service projects will be offered, ranging from physical work such as planting, cleaning, painting, to less strenuous work such as serving meals, sorting donations, stocking food pantries, packaging meals, etc.  A few on-campus options will be offered for those who choose not to drive or carpool to an off-campus location, yet want to participate in Day of Service.


7.  If I want to work on a project for a charity not listed, will that be allowed?

Yes, you can choose a different charity by sending the name, address and contact information, along with the work you will be doing there, to Day of Service organizers at  Regardless, please let your supervisor know where you will be serving.


8.  Can I leave after finishing my shift at my chosen project, instead of coming back to campus?

All Day of Service participants are expected to return to campus to complete other work (depending on time).  With prior approval from your supervisor, you may submit a leave form for the remaining work hours after your shift, and not return to campus.


9.  How will we know who we are volunteering with so we can carpool?

After you sign-up for a volunteer activity, you will be contacted by a Team Leader, who can provide you with specific site information.


10.  Will department meetings be mandatory after the Volunteer Activities?

There will be no department meetings held on Day of Service.


11.  Will travel to and from the service projects be reimbursed?

Yes, mileage to and from the approved volunteer sites will be reimbursed. Most of the projects offered are fairly close to both campuses.  Please coordinate with your colleagues and carpool when possible.


12.  Will employees be covered by worker’s compensation in the case of an accident or injury at the approved volunteer site?

Yes. Normal insurance coverage will be in effect for injuries or accidents on the job. 


13.  What if I am sick on Day of Service?

Please follow standard department protocol for informing your supervisor that you are sick and will not be participating or at work that day. 


Thank you for your participation in the Columbus State Day of Service!

You are helping us take one short day

to make a big impact in our community!