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Secure Shredding Program

Columbus State Secure Document
Destruction Program 

A quick reminder.....never place documents with 
sensitive information in a standard garbage can.

Program highlights:

  • If your bin or console is full or if your area needs additional bins or consoles, call Doug Rellick at 614-287-2290

  • Bins will be emptied at least monthly or sooner if needed

  • Items permitted for disposal: office papers, folders (no need to remove staples, paper clips, rubber bands and small binders)

  • Prohibbited items: plastics, common trash, hazardous materials, metals
    CDs, DVDs

  • Never place documents with sensitive information in a standard garbage can


Columbus State has implemented a new college-wide secure shredding program which is aimed at protecting the college's sensitive information while saving you time. You will no longer have to stand in front of a shredder feeding a couple sheets of paper at a time. You'll simply walk up to a secure bin and drop the papers inside.

Secure shredding is a quick, convenient way to dispose of sensitive college information in a timely manner. This new process will protect our college, our customers and each of our employees and students by reducing the risk of sensitive information being accessed and used for fraudulent purposes. In order for our new program to succeed, your active participation is needed.

What to do

All sensitive paper documents that are no longer needed should be placed in the Iron Mountain shredding containers conveniently located throughout each building at each campus location. Information stored on digital media should be sorted separately.

What to shred

  • Any office paper, any color
  • File folders, any color
  • No need to remove staples, paper clips, rubber bands and small binders

Examples of sensitive information

  • Social security numbers, and other identifying numbers
  • Student records and prospective student records
  • Credit card numbers and other PCI data
  • Financial aid information
  • Bank account numbers
  • Donor and alumni records
  • Critical infrastructure information (physical plant detail, IT systems information, system passwords,
  • information security plans, etc.)
  • Research information related to sponsorship, funding, human subject, etc.
  • Information protected by non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) or similar private contracts
  • Law enforcement and investigative records
  • Cougar IDs
  • Tax information
  • Credit reports
  • Anything that can be used to facilitate identity theft (e.g., mother's maiden name)
  • FERPA-protected information (e.g., student information and grades)
  • HIPAA-protected information (e.g., health, medical, or psychological
  • information)


Do not place the following items in the consoles/bins:

  • Plastics
  • Common trash
  • Hazardous materials
  • Metals
  • CDs, DVDs

Iron Mountain Bin
Iron Mountain bin

     Iron Mountain console
Iron Mountain console

Iron Mountain will visit each campus location monthly to empty the bins or more frequently if needed.

If our college needs additional containers, more frequent service, or if you have any questions, please call Doug Rellick at 614-287-2290.