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Information Security Committee

The Information Security Committee is to develop and maintain an Information Security Program that will ensure standards, practices, processes, guidelines, and audit programs are in place that help the college to monitor information environments and systems and prevent intrusion, misuse, and any other problems. The Information Security committee will also be made aware of audits of information systems and environments, and will suggest training and other educational activities to raise the campus community's awareness regarding protection of information and its resources.

The Information Security Committee works closely with Shared Governance. It meets twice a semester.

Committee Members

Robin Buser, Chair – Library

Jackie DeGenova – In-House Counsel

Lynda Anderson-Casey – Human Resources

David Wayne – Marketing & Communications

Mary Reiter – Faculty, Social Sciences (Mary is also chair of the Technology Committee)

Murray Holmes – Business & Administrative Services

Ex-Officio Members

James Beidler – VP, Information Technology

Douglas Rellick – Program Coordinator / IT Security

Joseph Gaines – Supervisor, Communication Technologies and PC Services

Agendas & Minutes