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Employee Ethics


As employees of Columbus State Community College and public servants, our professionalism and high standard of ethical conduct extend to the many constituents we serve. Our ethical conduct is also required by State law and College policy.

Ohio Ethics Law

Ohio Ethics Law recognizes that public officials and employees may be in a position to influence decisions that directly affect their personal interests or those of family members or business associates. A conflict of interest may be present when an individual’s private interests interfere, or appear to interfere with professional obligations to the College. The Ethics law attempts to prevent such activity.

It is important to remember that compliance is your personal responsibility. Examples of prohibited activities include:

  • Soliciting or accepting “anything of value” (e.g., gifts, travel, memberships, consulting fees) from those who do business or seek to do business with the College
  • Influencing or having a financial or fiduciary interest in a public contract for the official/employee, their family or business associates
  • Disclosing or using confidential information
  • Selling goods or services to the College or other state agencies, except through competitive bidding or other exemptions
  • Receiving additional compensation for the performance of official duties

Guidance, advisory opinions and FAQs are available for review on the Ohio Ethics Commission’s website: Recommended reading from the OEC’s website:

1. Ethics is Everybody’s Business
2. Accepting Gifts
3. Ethics Education

College Policies

Ethical responsibilities required by law are also reiterated in our College Policy and Procedure Manual. College Policy No. 3-20 and its procedures (3-20 (B), and 3-20 (C)).

Annual Disclosure Form

College Procedure 3-20 (C) also requires employees to annually disclose potential conflicts of interest, which are reviewed in order to ensure compliance with Ohio Ethics Law.

The 2018 Disclosures and Acknowledgments Form is now available for completion:

More information regarding the 2018 form can be found here.