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Brand Guidelines and Templates

Brand Guidelines, Logos and Templates 

Brand Guideline Booklet

brand guideline bookDownload Brand Guideline Booklet

Extended Color Palette Guidelines

Consult this booklet for brand guidelines, including brand elements, official colors and logo usage. For questions about specific elements, contact Marketing & Communications.

Editorial Style Guide

Download the Editorial Style Guide for tips on usage and terminology (ie., we use "associate degree," not "associate's degree.")


The following fonts are used, but may not be on your machine:
  Chronicle Display Bold/Semibold
Chronicle Text G3 Semibold/Roman
  Source Sans Pro Bold/Roman

We recommend using Times New Roman/Georgia and Arial/Helvetica as substitutes.

Digital fonts: Arial is the recommended fonts for digital assets (web, email, digital advertising).

Official College Logos

columbus state logoA full set of logos suitable for web and screen based applications are available for download on the

Logo guidelines

Columbus State logos for email profile pictures in Outlook

Department Logos

Surg Tech logo exampleWe have created logos for each department, combining our official Columbus State logo with the department name.

Department Logos page


Athletics Logos

Cougar logomark (.jpg)             Cougar logo
Cougar logomark  (.eps)

Cougar paw (.png)
Cougar paw (.png)



For the letterhead template, the Columbus State logo and department name are in the header and footer. You need to double click in the footer to make the copy active. You will see the text that says "Type Department Name Here" -- the text is set with the correct color, type font and spacing.

There are a few options for the letterhead usage: you can use it electronically or print it out on your desktop printer. If you don't have a color printer and want color or a large run of letterhead, you can send your Word doc to Office Services, via and they will print out what you need.

Department Letterhead template (.dotx)

Basic Word Templates

Top left logo

Center logo
Bottom center logo


PMS Cool Gray 10
C:61 M:53 Y:48 K:19
R:100 G:101 B:105
PMS 442
C:39 M:25 Y:30 K:0
R:160 G:172 B:170
Black 10% Tint
C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:10
R:160 G:172 B:170
C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:0
R:254 G:254 B:254
PMS 3035
C:100 M:66 Y:48 K:38
R:0 G:62 B:82
PMS 7468
C:97 M:45 Y:26 K:3
R:0 G:114 B:152
PMS 304
C:37 M:0 Y:7 K:0
R:153 G:218 B:234
PMS 7710
C:80 M:12 Y:29 K:0
R:0 G:165 B:181


College Seal

College seal

College Seal.eps (2.6 MB)
College Seal.jpg (525 KB)


powerpoint image

PowerPoint Template (.ppt)
Widscreen PowerPoint Template (.pptx)

Business Card Sample


You can locate the Business Card Order Form under Resources

Sign Templates

Sign Template (portrait) (.docx)

Sign Template (landscape) (.docx)