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Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested in promoting my Columbus State department/program through a printed piece, video, or website. Can you help me?

I’m a member of the media. Is there a site where I can get more information about Columbus State, its programs, or faculty experts for a story I’m working on?

Where can I find past news stories about Columbus State, its students or programs?

I've been contacted by a member of the media. What should I do?

I have an idea that I think would make a great story. How do I submit it to your news team?

How can I get a photographer to my event or activity to take pictures?

Can I send an email to the entire campus?

Can I send an email to all Columbus State students?

How can I get my news out to all enrolled students?

Our department needs to be on Facebook or Twitter. Can you help us get started?

How can I get my department’s event information added to the college’s Google calendar?

I need an overall marketing strategy for my department/program. Can you help?

How do I request permission to use the Columbus State logo?

Can my department design its own promotional flyers and publications?

Where can I find brand guidelines for designing our own department flyers, posters and promotional pieces?

Where can I get a template for a PowerPoint slide in the Columbus State brand?

Where can I find an email signature template for Outlook, in the Columbus State brand?

How can I order business cards for myself or my new employee?

Can I get a Columbus State table-top or free-standing exhibit booth to take to a conference or meeting?

Can I get Columbus State promotional items to give out at my meeting or special event?

How do I schedule a professional head shot photo?

Where can I get photos of campus, students, classrooms and the like?

How do I start a print project (poster, postcard, brochure, etc.) to promote my department or program?

How do I get a Web project started for my Columbus State department or program?

Can you teach me how to use Omni Update to maintain the content of our department website?

How do I get a video project started to help promote my department or program?

I am a student at Columbus State. How do I apply for an internship in Marketing & Communications?


* For printed pieces, videos and websites, the first step is to submit a Project Request Form. The information you provide to us will then be evaluated by our team and we will let you know whether we have the resources available to meet your needs.

* You can find lots of information for the media, such as fast facts, expert resources, news releases and more on our For the Media page.

* On the For the Media page, you will find a section listing recent news releases from Columbus State, as well as news stories about Columbus State that have run in other media. In the employee newsletter Update, you will see a sidebar on the left with links to articles from the past month, as well as an archive of past issues at the top.

* If you would like assistance in speaking to the media, please contact media relations coordinator David Wayne..

* The first step to submit your news to the Marketing & Communications news team is to submit news and tell us your story idea!

* Please make a Photo Services Request here.

* In general, global emails may only be sent in the following circumstances: Emergency, Official, or Informative situations, when approved by a Cabinet member. Read more here

* For news and events that you would like to promote to Columbus State students, you may submit information for inclusion in Campus Life news, which is distributed once a week through a global student email. Submit your student news here. Other global email to students is restricted to emergency, official, or informative content only, and can be approved by a Cabinet member.

* Send your campus news to Submit Student News for inclusion in the weekly student newsletter distributed through student email.

* Yes! Contact our Social Media Coordinator for assistance in starting a Facebook or Twitter account for your department or program.

* Contact our Social Media Coordinator to get help adding your information to the Google calendar, or be trained to add it yourself!

* Yes! Begin with the Get Started button and complete a Project Request Form detailing your request.

* The guidelines to using the college logo and other brand guidelines are included in our Brand Guidelines page and can be downloaded.

* In some cases, departments are authorized to produce quick publications for internal use only. In general, any printed publications that will be used off campus for outside audiences should be approved for use by the Office of Marketing & Communications, and use the college’s Brand Guidelines. Contact us for more information.

* For internal flyers and posters, brand guidelines, logos, and some templates can be found in the college’s Brand Guidelines manual.

* You can find several PowerPoint slide templates here.

* You can find the branded email signature template here.

* The business card order form is online here.

* Please contact us for more information about exhibit materials available to departments who wish to promote their program or the college at a conference, convention or meeting.

* The Marketing & Communications Department maintains a supply of small promotional items imprinted with the Columbus State logo, for new student recruitment. You may request promotional items here.  Promotional items are not generally available for internal meetings or events. If a budget is available, Marketing & Communications can assist you in ordering your own specific promotional items for special events, campus activities or other specific uses on or off campus. Contact us for more information!

*To schedule a photo session, submit a Photo Services Request Form here!

* The Marketing & Communications Department offers a Photo Gallery online here. (This gallery is currently on the Intranet and not available off campus.) A Photo Gallery of Historical Photos is also online here.

* That’s easy! You start by completing a Project Request Form online here!

* Start by completing a Marketing & Communications Request Form.

* Yes! Contact our Web content coordinator for assistance with Omni Update.

* Start by completing a Marketing & Communications Request Form online here.

* Occasionally the Marketing & Communications Department uses interns for various activities including photography, videography, writing, marketing, and even mascot (Clawdette Cougar) work! Contact the department for more information on intern opportunities!