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Marketing Services

Marketing Services

The Marketing Services Team works to generate ideas and implement creative strategies that share Columbus State's brand across our college and community.

We work with individuals and departments across the college to develop projects and marketing strategies that advance Columbus State, its programs and its people. These initiatives include printed publications such as brochures, posters, and mailings as well as videos and websites. The Marketing Services Team also maintains the college’s official brand standards.

If you’re ready to inquire about beginning a print or video project to promote your department, please click here or on the “Get Started” button. We look forward to working with you!


View and Download Logo and Brand Standards

Marketing Strategy

We never think of projects as separate, disjointed entities. Whether we’re producing a video, creating a website, designing a brochure, or selecting a photo, we start with a plan that is in tune with the communications and marketing strategy of Columbus State Community College. The end result is a project that promotes a specific initiative, event, or department within our institution as well as the overall Columbus State brand, underscoring the quality of programs and opportunities available at our college.


Designers play a key role in developing the appearance of a project. They select and shape creative content, transforming it into dynamic projects that engage the interest of the audience. From posters and postcards promoting academic programs, to annual programs for special events, to designing the pages of the Columbus State website, Marketing & Communication’s design services encompass a variety of projects, produced in accordance with Columbus State’s Brand Standards. 


At Columbus State, we don’t think of photography as simply taking pictures. We believe great photography is an art form with a deeper aim of conveying meaning or creating a connection. We strive to give the viewer a sense of being here, of being in some way connected to the people, places, and things in each image. Our photography services include professional head shots of faculty, staff, and students as well as coverage of significant college events. Marketing & Communications administers a Photo Gallery of popular images, which is available to the campus community for download. (Photo gallery is currently on the Intranet, which is not available off campus.)


Video Production

Columbus State’s Marketing & Communication video production efforts include everything from student feedback on topics of interest, to highlights from special events, and academic programs. Our videos have won regional and national awards for the college, and help to convey a message that stands out quickly in the fast-paced world of electronic news. You can see our work featured on many college websites as well as Columbus State’s YouTube channel


To request website work:

For website updates, contact D. Tony Goins

To request a new project or website, fill out our Project Request Form.

Department points of contact:

  • For Admissions-related items, contact Mary Ashley
  • For Student Success and Campus Life-related items, contact Angie Shear

The Web Content Management System: OmniUpdate

Departments are encouraged to maintain their own websites using our web content management system, OmniUpdate. Departments can appoint a content provider, who then receives training on OmniUpdate. The training takes about 25 minutes. Contact D. Tony Goins for more information.

Improve your site

  • Include a clear "call to action." What do you want your visitors to do?
  • Talk to us about adding pictures, videos, moving slideshows or personal stories. Marketing & Communication staff can produce these items for you.
  • Write for the general public, and "chunk up" your content into subheadings so it's easier to scan. Remember, you are not the customer,so write clearly, avoid jargon, and keep your audience in mind. Website writing tips
  • Update your site often. No one else knows your content like you do. 
  • Make a plan to get people to your page. Putting up a website is just the beginning.