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Admissions Information for Middle School and High School Students and Families



College Credit Plus Enrollment Checklist


Application, Testing, and Registration Deadlines

Event Date
Summer Semester 2017  
Summer 2017 *Priority* Application Deadline April 15, 2017
Summer 2017 Regular Application and Testing Deadline May 22, 2017
Summer 2017 Registration Deadline May 24, 2017
Autumn Semester 2017  
Autumn 2017 *Priority* Application Deadline April 15, 2017
Autumn 2017 Regular Application Deadline May 22, 2017
Autumn 2017 Testing Deadline Testing must be completed prior to registration deadline (see below)
Autumn 2017 Registration Deadline August 23, 2017
Spring Semester 2018  
Spring 2018 Regular Application Deadline November 6, 2017
Spring 2018 Testing Deadline November 13, 2017
Spring 2018 Registration Deadline January 10, 2018

*Please note that it takes 24-48 business hours to receive a Cougar ID#, which is needed to take the Columbus State Placement Test. As such, it is recommended that you submit your online admissions application at least 3-4 days prior to the deadline.

*College Credit Plus funding is only available to students who meet Ohio Residency requirements.

*If applicants choose to submit ONLY ACT scores, the applicant must meet college-ready benchmarks in English and Reading. For English, the benchmark is 18 or higher and for Reading the benchmark is 22 or higher. Students submitting only ACT scores who do not meet those benchmarks will be required to complete Columbus State placement testing in order to qualify for admission.

*Admission to Columbus State does not guarantee admission to a specific course or set of courses. All students must adhere to all course placement and prerequisite requirements.


Placement Testing

Columbus State offers Placement Testing. For more information on placement testing at Columbus State that is specific to College Credit Plus students, please view our Placement Testing website.

Career Toolkit

How can I figure out what path is right for me?

If you aren’t sure what path or industry is right for you, take advantage of our Career Tools.

Disability Services

If you have a documented disability or are on an IEP, you may qualify for placement testing accommodations. In order to determine whether or not you qualify, please complete the Placement Test Accommodation Request Form (.docx). For more information about Disability Services at Columbus State, please visit their website: Disability Services

Textbook Information

College Credit Plus Book Process

Self-Pay and Pre-College Courses

If you choose to self-pay to review pre-college material, which is not covered by College Credit Plus funding, here are a few rules regarding enrollment in developmental or remedial classes:
  • To register for a mathematics course including MATH 1099 or lower, students must document that they have completed High School Algebra II or its equivalent.
  • To register for an English course including ENGL 0190 or lower, students must document that they have completed three credits of High School English.
  • To register for a Developmental Reading course, students must document that they have completed at least two credits of High School English.
  • To register for BIO 0100, CHEM 0100, and PHYS 0100, students must meet any pre-requisites and have completed High School Algebra II or its equivalent.


All new College Credit Plus students are required to participate in a College Credit Plus Orientation session prior to the start of their first semester. Please click HERE to learn more about Orientation at Columbus State."