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Speech Lab

Communication Center - 052 Union Hall

studentDo you need advice about preparing or delivering a speech? Would you like to videotape a rehearsal of your next presentation? The tutors in the Communication Center can assist you with the speech preparation process.

Staffed by Communication instructors, the lab is open to faculty, staff, and students at convenient times.

If your purpose is to record a presentation, you can have the use of an Internet-ready smart cart to project your PowerPoint slides or play your video visual aids. A tutor will record your presentation and review the recording with you, offering helpful feedback. If you simply need help developing or organizing a presentation, we can help you with this, too. The recording and the advice are absolutely free.


The Center is located in Union Hall 052. We recommend that you schedule an appointment, but drop-ins are accommodated whenever possible.


The Center has flexible hours six days a week.


To make an appointment or cancel an existing appointment, log into Blackboard and select FOCUS. The FOCUS link can usually be found under the "Tools" header on the Blackboard home page.. You will be asked to confirm your appointment by then going to your student e-mail account for verification. If you would like to talk to a speech tutor or if you would like additional information, you may call at 287-5391.


The Toastmasters Organization- an organization whose mission is to improve communication and leadership skills.

The Speech Communication Association- an organization whose mission is to promote the study, criticism, research, training, and application of the humanistic, artistic, and scientific principles of communication.