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Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice (CRJ.CRJ.AAS)

The Criminal Justice program prepares students for a variety of careers in federal, state or local criminal justice agencies. Groups of electives are designed to provide additional instruction in your area of interest: Homeland Security, Crime Scene Investigations, Victim Advocacy, and Crime Prevention.

The field of Criminal Justice has grown dramatically in the last two decades. Surging crime rates and ancillary support to law enforcement and other first-line operators of the criminal justice system are in high demand. In Central Ohio, retiring practitioners will continue to provide space for many entry level positions in this field.

The Criminal Justice degree is heavily weighted in the basics of the law and in the fundamentals of the Criminal Justice System from many perspectives. Students will be provided instruction on a variety of criminal justice related topics. Groups of electives have been designed to provide particular instruction in the areas of Homeland Security, Victim Advocacy, Crime Scene Investigations, and Emerging Trends.

Crime Prevention

The crime prevention industry is growing fast. Private investigators, security professionals, crime prevention consultants, and crime prevention analysts are from every walk of life and can be found in both the private and public sector. Students taking these groups of electives will obtain instruction on best practices in crime prevention and much more.

Victim Advocacy

In large part to the victim's rights movement, states like Ohio have enacted legislation that requires many components of the Criminal Justice System to provide an advocate for crime victims that can help them navigate the system and answer their questions about victim's funds and other complicated issues they may face. These front-line positions in the criminal justice field are pivotal to an efficiently operating system and these individuals must be training both in objective review of cases and the best way to help a victim navigate complex life issues revolving around their victimization.

Homeland Security

In a post-9/11/2001 era, homeland security is a distinct focus of many agencies in the Criminal Justice System. Local, state, and federal agencies have developed robust capabilities to combat terrorism both domestically and abroad. The 20+ federal agencies that comprise the Department of Homeland Security routinely employee individuals to facilitate their respective missions, but other corners of the arena are filled with homeland security experts.


Program Certificate Offerings

  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Basic Peace Officer
  • Professional Law Enforcement Officer 
  • Homeland Security