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Criminal Justice

Columbus State's Criminal Justice program is one of the best ways to become a criminal justice professional in Central Ohio. Our graduates are in high demand with criminal justice agencies all over our region.

photoColumbus State's Criminal Justice program provides a variety of degree offerings that thoroughly prepare participants for the growing demand for educated and highly trained professionals in a variety of criminal justice professions and fields including Law Enforcement, Corrections, Probation/Parole, Courts, Security, Victim Advocacy, Crime Scene Investigations, Homeland Security, and Crime Prevention.


Our Programs & Degree Offerings

There are four (4) separate degree offerings within Criminal Justice technology:

Criminal Justice The Criminal Justice program prepares students for a variety of careers in federal, state or local criminal justice agencies. Groups of electives are designed to provide additional instruction in your area of interest: Homeland Security, Crime Scene Investigations, Victim Advocacy, and Crime Prevention.

Law Enforcement Academy Track Persons wishing to obtain a position as a police officer in the State of Ohio must first successfully complete a Basic Police Academy approved by the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission. While a select few law enforcement agencies will hire an individual and then sponsor the person through an academy, the large majority of agencies looking to hire prospective police officers will require that an applicant obtain this certification prior to applying.

At Columbus State, our Academy Track degree offering is designed to provide participants with both a two-year associate’s degree and the required peace officer certification upon completion of the program. Attendees take college classes during the first three semesters of study and then attend the police academy the final two semesters (Autumn & Spring).

Note: at this time we do not currently operate a “stand-alone” police academy for individuals who are only interested in obtaining the certification training without attending the two-year degree program.

Law Enforcement Professional Track The professional track is designed for persons currently serving as police officers or state troopers. Officers receive credit for the basic police academy or trooper academy certification they already hold and then take a group of courses to help them advance through their careers’ in addition to general education requirements.

Probation & Supervision This program prepares students to explore and obtain positions in the field of probation, parole, corrections, diversion, and intermediate sanctions. Courses within this plan of study focus on a variety of realms within the system including correctional and supervision administration, institutional operations, community-based corrections, facility operations, counseling and inmate services, juvenile supervision and special category offenders.

Online/Distance Learning Opportunities Students have the option of attending all of the Criminal Justice classes (CRJ designation) in a traditional, seated manner or via an online/distance learning format.