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Engineering Technologies

Blue collar goes high-tech at Columbus State's Engineering Technologies Department. Our faculty give students a hands-on learning experience that prepares them for the high-tech manufacturing and technical jobs of the future.

Our students take part in a stunning array of projects, from developing a solar car to a cutting-edge device to track packages. And when they get out, they're well-prepared to find exciting careers.

All five programs in Engineering Technologies are two-year degrees. Graduates can then transfer to a four-year college, or go straight into the work force.


Aviation Maintenance Technician training has been, for many years, a door to opportunity for aircraft mechanic and related careers.(opens AMT website in new window)

The Electronic Engineering Technology program opens doors for students in areas such as avionics, banking, biomedicine, logistics, manufacturing, and audio-visual production.

The Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology program teaches students how to work in manufacturing environments that use automated systems.

Our Mechanical Engineering Technology program trains students for entry-level supporting roles in the mechanical engineering and manufacturing engineering fields.

In this competitive world, businesses need to stick to the highest standards of quality. Our graduates can help.

Engineering Technologies offers four focused certificates that lead to employment opportunities in technology areas. The certificate coursework and preparation means that the student can be gainfully employed earlier, and, in many instances, with companies that offer tuition reimbursement. These certificates can be combined and count toward an associate degree.

Earn an associate's degree from Columbus State, then fulfill your bachelor's degree at Miami University. You can take most Miami classes from Columbus State via teleconferencing.