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Interpreter Education Program

Interpreter (and IEP grad) shows off her lyrical flow with Prof. Michael Eric Dyson at a recent event on campus.

We offer two programs: A two-year Associate Degree and a six-course certificate program.  

Associate Degree: The Interpreter Education Program Associate of Applied Science Degree program prepares graduates for interpreting positions where persons who are deaf or hard of hearing and hearing persons must communicate with each other. The Associate Degree program offers extensive course work in building the foundations of American Sign Language. Interpreting courses help students understand interpreting as a practice profession, while helping students develop their own ethical decision-making skills. Students develop their proficiency in interpreting in six skill-building courses.  A language lab is available to help students practice their ASL and interpreting skills. A two-semester practicum gives students opportunities to gain first-hand experience applying their interpreting skills and knowledge of professional ethics under the supervision of a qualified agency interpreter in a community or educational setting.

American Sign Language/Deaf Studies Certificate: For those individuals wanting to learn about people who are Deaf, their unique culture and community, and be able to converse with them via American Sign Language (ASL), we offer a certificate program. This program does not prepare individuals to become interpreters; it is strictly a program to enhance/establish communication skills and to learn about deafness. Attending a Mandatory Information Session with the Coordinator is not required; students simply register for the courses. Once all courses have been successfully completed, students apply for the certificate by contacting the Interpreter Education Program Coordinator.

In Ohio, licensure from the Ohio Department of Education is required for employment in a Public School K-12 setting as an interpreter for the Hearing-Impaired. Successful completion of the CSCC IEP Associate of Applied Science degree fulfills one of the requirements to obtain the Associate License of Interpreter for the Hearing Impaired from ODE.