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Leadership Opportunities

Leadership Opportunities at Columbus State

Resources & Workshops

At Columbus State, we provide a number of learning opportunities beyond the classroom.

From developing your skill set, to getting involved on campus, our Student Success Series booklet and The Columbus State Hub makes it easy for you to find valuable resources – all in one spot. The booklet brings together resources and workshops to help you make the most of your Columbus State experience. Download a copy of the Student Success Book here today!

In addition to getting great information and meeting new friends, you can also use these opportunities to build your resume and transcript by developing your profile through The Columbus State Hub.

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For more information about SEaL's leadership programs, check out the offerings below.

Student Ambassador Leadership Program (SALP)


It's a competitive world out there! Today, students seeking to meet their educational, career, and life goals need a competitive advantage. The Student Ambassador Leadership Program provides an incredible co-curricular experience that aims to equip students with knowledge, skills, experience, and attitudes needed to be 21st Century Leaders.

Student Ambassadors achieve academic success with a minimum of 2.8 G.P.A.; throughout the Student Ambassador Leadership Program, students develop into a growing and impactful community of learners, leaders, and achievers. Participants in the program are consistently representing and promoting the face of the Columbus State, including, sharing their cougar pride through campus programming and working within departments and offices. These student leaders can also be seen off campus leading and participating in a variety of civic engagement opportunities.

Find out more about Student Ambassadors by asking a current Ambassador around campus, in their office in the Nestor Hall East Lounge, or by visiting the SEaL Office in Nestor Hall 116.

Recruitment for the 2017-18 Student Ambassadors is held in the Spring Semester. Check out the SALP portal on The Columbus State Hub for more information!


S.T.A.R.S. for Clubs & Organizations

STARS logo

The Student Training and Rewards System (STARS) is a joint effort to improve the management and quality of Clubs and Organizations at Columbus State Community College by Student Engagement and Leadership. Participation by clubs and/or organizations is mandatory, while providing increased opportunities for leadership and organizational development.

STARS provides a framework of leadership through which clubs can quantify and document their activities and successes through an evaluation tool.Organization members participate in activities that are designed to help them learn, grow, and achieve success, earning STARS rewards for their club/organization.

Clubs and organizations earn ranking based on their achievements and participation, ranging from the 4-Star (Premier) to 1-Star (Starter). For 2014-2015, the star rating begins in September (Fall Semester and run through April). At the end of Autumn Semester, a mid-year rating will be determined in order to track the organization’s progress within the program. The official “Star Rating” will be determined mid-April, during Spring Semester.

STAR ratings not only showcase the positive image, achievements, and succesful management of the organization, but give clubs the chance at perks such as additional club funds or discounts to SEaL events.

For more information, visit our office in Nestor Hall 116 or email us at

Collegiate Leadership Conference of Ohio

Since 2009, the Collegiate Leadership Conference of Ohio (CLCO) is held each November at Columbus State Community College. The annual conference is hosted by Student Engagement and Leadership and the Student Ambassador Leadership Program. CLCO's objective is to reach out to college students across Ohio and teach them leadership skills that can be used in their daily lives and in their future jobs. It is a way to network with other college students who are just as passionate about leadership as a way of life.

CLCO empowers the next generation of college students to develop their leadership skills, construct a professional network, and make a difference through civic and community engagement. Through workshops, keynote speakers and community service projects, the conference encourages college students to make history every day by investing themselves in the world around them and by actively participating in their own leadership evolution.

2016 Conference Information

This year’s conference focuses on "Everyday Heroes: From Ordinary to Extraordinary". The theme will emphasizing everyday actions that inspire change as leaders, gain the tools needed to lead in their college communities, and bring about change by influencing their peers. The conference will include workshops teaching students of opportunities to utilizes these skills as they continue in college and beyond.

SEaL’s mission is to provide programs and resources to support student involvement and success. The conference is designed to enhance leadership skills, provide hands-on service experiences, and provide the opportunity to network with other colleges in Ohio. Key areas we will cover include: self- motivation, financial literacy, inclusion, activism, and education. Registration for the conference is open to college students and higher education administrators across Ohio.

Interested in joining us? 

Visit the links below for registration forms and this year's promo card. Check back later for more info, such as the final schedule of events and service challenges. Old documents are left as reference for those curious what a CLCO conference entails.


Columbus State Leadership Institute (CSLI) for the First-Year Experience


New students, do you want to gain valuable leadership skills? Participate in Columbus States’ very own leadership society designed to enhance the first year experience for students. Students will learn about the four cornerstones in which CSLI is built; Integrity, Passion, Vision and Service.

With a renewed focus toward student success, engagement and retention, CSLI engages students and provides tools for successful learning; involvement increases the value of the college experience because students who choose to get involved in co-curricular activities have a higher success rate, particularly in the perspective of Pascarella and Terenzini; they stated in How College Affects Students (1991), "students who are actively involved in both academic and out-of-class activities gain more from the college experience than those who are not so involved.”

Interested students should stop in Nestor Hall 116 or check their email for an invitation. Replacement applications can be picked up in the SEaL office.

For more information, see the FAQ for requirements and application process.


Take the Lead

Take the Lead

Take the Lead this Spring! (Grow your leadership skills!)

Get recognized for participating in service and leadership opportunities at Columbus State! Students who Take the Lead and complete workshops or service projects can earn recognition at the annual Student Leadership and Service Awards held in the spring semester of each year. Students can easily track workshops and completed service hours on the Hub via your co-curricular transcript ( For more details, stop by Nestor Hall 116

Leadership Certificate Program (Take the Lead and complete workshops at your own pace):

Future Leader: Complete 4 workshops and earn a certificate.
Emerging Leader: Complete 8 workshops and earn a certificate and pen.
Advanced Leader: Complete 12 workshops and earn a gift and pin.

Serve Our Community Honor Roll (Cumulative each semester and/or year):

Blue Rank: Get started! Each semester, complete a minimum of 10 hours of community service and earn a certificate.
Silver Rank: Take your service to the next level. Complete a minimum 20 hours of community service in the fall or spring semester and earn a certificate and pin.
Gold Rank: Change your community. Complete a minimum 40 hours of community service during 1 or 2 academic years and earn a special gift.

To learn more abut service opportunities, please visit:

To explore your options, please visit the Student Success Booklet:

Student Success Booklet