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Reporting Incidents

Any individual may report an alleged violation of the Student Code of Conduct, and the Office of Student Conduct will conduct a follow-up investigation. Community members are encouraged to use the Maxient Online Incident Reporting Form.

Anonymous reporting of incidents is allowed but discouraged, because it limits the ability of the office to gather further information and adequately address the issue. Every effort will be made to protect confidentiality of witnesses, where possible, particularly where a safety concern exists.

CSCC Amnesty Policy – Individuals who may be involved in incidents of misconduct are encouraged to report that behavior. A student who makes a report may be held less accountable for their involvement in proven conduct violations and/or may be given alternative educational sanctions, at the discretion of the Director of Student Conduct. For example, in a group of students who are committing academic misconduct by sharing or copying work from one another, the student who comes forward may be held less accountable for their participation in the misconduct and receive lesser or no sanctions.