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Language Institute

Are you an immigrant or refugee living in the Columbus area and need to improve your English language skills? Perhaps you are an employer looking for a cost-effective way to help your employees improve their English skills. Or maybe you would like to learn the basics of a foreign language to prepare for a vacation or work-and-witness trip.

If any of these describe you, then we have just the courses you are looking for!  Columbus State can help individuals, companies, and groups learn to communicate in a foreign language or strengthen their skills in spoken and written English as a Second Language.

For detailed information, download our Basic English brochure.


Basic English Classes

The non-credit classes in the Basic English program provide a foundation of spoken and written English. A placement test is required in order to determine the starting level for the classes. Click on the "How to register" link on the right for information about testing dates and costs.

In addition to the Basic English series of courses, we also offer courses that specifically focus on writing, conversation, and punctuation.

Other Languages

Planning a vacation or extended stay in a foreign country?  Perhaps you are going on a work-and-witness trip.  Or maybe you just want to learn enough Spanish to carry on a conversation with friends or acquaintances.

These non-credit classes are designed to provide a basic level of conversational skill and cultural understanding. By the end of the classes students will be able to ask for and provide basic information as well as express simple statements on a variety of topics.

Available language courses include:
• Spanish (3 levels)
• Spanish for Healthcare
• French & Somali are available by request

College Placement Test Skills

This class is intended to help college-bound students prepare for their college entrance exam by improving their reading comprehension, retention, and speed.

Introductory Computer Classes

We offer 2 computer classes designed to serve very different audiences:

  • Introduction to Computers is designed to help those who are unfamiliar with computers to learn the very basic operations required to operate a computer.  Topics covered include:  Simple word processing, saving and printing documents, entering data on a spreadsheet, e-mail, and searching for information on the Internet.
  • Computer Skills for College Success will help students learn to format, edit and save documents, create simple presentations and spreadsheets, and effectively locate information on the Internet

Private/Customized/On Site Basic English Classes

We would be happy to speak with you about conducting private, customized, on-site classes for your business or organization.  Select the “Contact Us” link on the right to arrange a meeting or phone conversation to discuss your needs.


NOTE:  The Language Institute offers only non-credit courses. If you’re interested in credit courses that lead to a degree or qualify for financial aid, contact our Modern Languages Department.