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Student Handbook

Message From the President

Dr. Harrison

Welcome to Columbus State.

Student success—your success—is our number one priority. Not only does the college support your academic achievement here and now, but we’re also dedicated to preparing you for future opportunities. At Columbus State, you’ll acquire the knowledge and
skills you need to impact the 21st century through a successful career, meaningful community service, and diverse individual interests.

Here you’ll have access to tools and resources which can help you to maximize your success. The first of these is this Student Handbook. This handbook is an introduction to the important academic and job-related skills that you will need to master, and it details the considerable resources available to help you maximize your success at Columbus State.

The Student Handbook’s initial sections cover skills such as time management, project planning, teamwork and persistence, and guide you through the steps to mastering them. Whether these skills are applied in the classroom or on the job, they often lead to a successful outcome. That is why they are highlighted.

Subsequent chapters of the handbook are filled with useful information about the college. Within those sections, you will learn about student services as well as student rights and responsibilities. There is a helpful planner included, too, which lists college dates and deadlines for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Keep the Student Handbook nearby for reference as you navigate your first weeks at Columbus State. It will help you build a habit of success, semester by semester.

I wish you success Beyond Measure at Columbus State and in the future.

Very truly yours,

Download the Student Handbook